The Jesse Tree: An Advent Celebration
The Jesse Tree Advent tradition marks each day from the first Sunday in Advent to Christmas. The Jesse Tree uses ornaments to highlight moments in the Biblical storyline from Creation to the Cross.

The tradition of the Jesse Tree dates back to the Middle Ages, with the name "Jesse Tree" coming from Isaiah 11:1, "Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, and a branch from his roots will bear fruit." Jesse is the father of King David. The savior was to come from David’s family line.

During the Advent season, a Bible Story is read which relates to Jesus’ family or God’s people. To watch and listen to the story shared by a storyteller from the IN-KY Synod, , click on the ornament picture for the day. Hang an ornament for the day or color one in when finished.
NOV. 29
On the first day of Advent, take some time to look at, talk about, or create a simple version of your own family tree. You may have one in an old family Bible, or want to find a digital version online. If your family has an Advent wreath, you can light the candle(s) during this devotion time each day.

NOV. 30
Matthew 1:1-16
Create a Jesse tree from a branch, a miniature Christmas tree, or construction paper. Print, color, and cut out out Jesse Tree ornaments like those below, or keep track of your daily readings on the coloring page .
Click on the day's ornament to view the video.
DEC. 1
Genesis 1:1-25
DEC. 2
Genesis 2:7-9, 16-17
DEC. 3
Genesis 3:1-6
DEC. 4
Genesis: 6:13-22, 7:17-20, 8:1-12, 9:12-17
DEC. 5
Genesis 15 
DEC. 6
Genesis 22:1-18

DEC. 7
Genesis 28
DEC. 8
Genesis 37; 45:3-15.
DEC. 9
Exodus 20:1-20
DEC. 10
1 Samuel 3:1-10
DEC. 11
1 Samuel 16:1-13
DEC. 12
1 Samuel 16: 13-23
DEC. 13
1 Kings 3:3-28
DEC. 14
Matthew 1:16-25
DEC. 15
Matthew 1:8-25,
Luke 1:26-38
DEC. 16
Mark 1:1-8
DEC. 17
Psalm 119: 105 (Sirach 24: 2,
Wisdom 8:1)
DEC. 18
Exodus 3:2
DEC. 19
Isaiah 11:1-3
DEC. 20
Isaiah 22:22
DEC. 21
Isaiah 9:2
DEC. 22
Psalm 2:7-8
DEC. 23
Isaiah 7:14
DEC. 24
John 1:1-14
DEC. 25
Luke 2:1-20

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