Jessica came to Christian HELP with a lengthy background in ministry.
She loved to help people. 

She knew she still wanted to serve and wanted to explore a new career path, but didn’t know what else she was qualified to do.

Jessica and her care manager began to explore her passion and skills. After a lot of soul searching and skill assessments, they discovered she had an interest in finance. She had also grown up in Puerto Rico and was bilingual. The next step was to refresh her resume and develop job search skills.

She and her care manager met several times over the course of a few months. Jessica applied for over a dozen jobs but wasn’t getting responses. She was starting to feel dejected and her self-esteem was suffering. She felt like giving up. 

God stepped in a day later. Jessica got an interview with a credit union! She and her care manager worked on interview skills and got her elevator pitch ready. The credit union offered her a job as a Bilingual Member Services Representative.

Not only could she use bilingual skills, but she was going to be able to help people financially. She is thrilled and thanked Christian HELP for walking alongside her throughout the whole process and believing in her the whole time.

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