#JSNNews Volume I | Number 9 | September 6, 2016
The Jesuit Schools Network is proud to announce the official launch of our Hemispheres initiative in Global Companionship .  As first described at the Colloquium, this project brings together stories, efforts and events from six Jesuit organizations from around the world. 
Who is Hemispheres for?
The Hemispheres project provides opportunity for both educators and students to participate in programs that help foster a more global perspective on ethical, environmental and educational issues.  

Here are two quick ways to learn more...
Leadership Changes for the  2016-2017  Academic Year

Chris Meyercord 
Bellarmine College Preparatory

Adria Renke (interim)
Brophy College Preparatory

Flavio Bravo, SJ
Colegio San Ignacio

Chris Fronk, SJ (December)
Jesuit High School of New Orleans

Tom Arndorfer
Jesuit High School of Portland

Mike Marco, SJ
Marquette University High School

Patrick Maloney (interim)
Nativity School of Worcester

Dan Lahart, SJ
Regis High School

Dave Card
Regis Jesuit High School

Jeff Putthoff, SJ
St. John's Jesuit High School

Ed Reese, SJ
St. Ignatius of San Francisco

Jeff Johnson, SJ
Strake Jesuit High School

Ted Munz, SJ
University of Detroit Jesuit High School 

John Moran
Cheverus High School

Jim Bopp
Creighton Preparatory School

Diane Bush
Cristo Rey Jesuit (Atlanta)

Walter Reap
Cristo Rey Jesuit (Baltimore)

David Garcia-Prats
Cristo Rey Jesuit (Houston)

Silvia Beevas-Smith
Cristo Rey Jesuit (Twin Cities)

Joe Petriello
Fordham Preparatory School

John Glennon
Georgetown Preparatory School

John Meuler
Nativity Jesuit Academy

Clare Huerter
Red Cloud High School

Erin Luby
Seattle Preparatory School

Craig Hannick
St. Louis University High School
Gonzaga Middle School Opens in Winnipeg
Gonzaga Middle School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, opens its doors to its first class of students in Grade 6 today! 10 girls and 5 boys will begin the year with a family barbeque and welcoming ceremony. We wish them the best!

St. Paul's High School Celebrates 90 Years
St. Paul's High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba will celebrate its 90 th  anniversary in conjunction with St. Paul's College on September 17. The two institutions share a common origin and early history, separating into distinct entities in 1958.

Professional Development in USA Central & Southern
The USA Central & Southern Province is sponsoring its second Leaders in the Middle Program for interested department chair leaders November 1-4 at the Bethany Center in Tampa, FL.

The Central & Southern PASE office is collaborating with the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA) to offer faculty and staff members the opportunity to take Faith and Mission, a 6-week online seminar integrating the central tenants of Catholicism with daily life and service in a Jesuit school.

For more information, please contact Sean Agniel or Pete Musso.

Regional Cohort Gatherings
Chicago-Detroit , Wisconsin , and Central & Southern Provinces' PASE offices are sponsoring three regional cohort gatherings for the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • Sept. 21-23: Deans of Students & Assistant Principals for Discipline
  • Sept. 27-29: Athletic Directors & Assistant Athletic Directors
  • March 27-30: Graduate Support Officers, Admissions Directors & Inclusion/Diversity Directors

View the brochure for more information , or contact your province PASE office.
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