Thank you to everyone who participated in
Jesuit Week of Service (JWOS)!
We had over 260 people sign up for Jesuit Week of Service including current students, faculty and staff, alumni, friends and family of the JCU community, and even incoming first-year students! We had an awesome week and are grateful for your participation. We hope you will continue to stay engaged virtually to be of service to others in creative ways.

Were you not able to participate in Jesuit Week of Service? Do you still want to make a difference and conn ect with your community? Find a list of the week's Service Challenges at our CSSA Engage CLE website  HERE.   Don't forget to email  and tag  @jcu_cssa  on Instagram with a photo when you take on a challenge!

Check out our Jesuit Week of Service Showcase video HERE to see all of the incredible work we accomplished!
Challenge 1: Participate in the Prison Postcard Project
  • Grafton Correctional Institution is located in Lorain County, Ohio
  • There are 1,600 men at Grafton which is a minimum and medium security facility
  • The men there have made more than 2,800 face masks to date for those in nursing homes, homeless shelters, and food programs, they, too wanted to be of service to others during this crisis.

Project Directions:
1- Create a 5 x 7 postcard for one of the men at Grafton with messages letting them know they are not forgotten during this time of isolation and uncertainty.
2 - Side one: Decorate with images, inspirational quotes, photos.
3 - Side two: Write a "Thinking of You" message. You can include your first name but omit other details.
4 - Mail completed postcards in an envelope and send to: 
  • Sr. Rita Mary Harwood, SND
  • Diocese of Cleveland
  • 1404 E. 9th St.
  • Cleveland, OH 44114
5 - Postcards can be received by prisoners and will be delivered to Grafton.

Don't forget to email  or tag  @jcu_cssa  on Instagram with your completed postcard!
Challenge 2: Record Yourself Reading an Original
or other Favorite Poem
Social distancing is keeping many people safe right now, even as it limits our ability to visit with friends and loved ones in person. We value our relationships with all of our community partners, many of whom cannot receive any visitors at this time.

We will upload all videos to the  CSSA YouTube Channel   to share with our community partners, including individuals who are incarcerated, senior citizens, people with different abilities, and more.

Email your video to .
Watch  Guggenheim Fellow and JCU Faculty Member Dr. Philip Metres read a poem from his new book, "Shrapnel Maps!"
Advocate: Use your voice to help Incarcerated Youth
The Ohio Department of Health has reported the first positive case at a juvenile correctional facility: Cuyahoga Hills JCF. This is incredibly significant since CSSA and JCU's Writers in Residence program have worked with the youth there for a number of years and provide programming on a weekly basis during the academic year. The JCU relationship with everyone in that building runs very deep!

To advocate for our youth, use the phone script below and call Governor Mike DeWine's office at (614) 644-4357.


Hi Governor DeWine,

My name is [your name]. I'm calling on behalf of Writers in Residence to share my concern about the impact of COVID-19 on incarcerated youth.

Similar to the increasing number of positive cases of COVID-19 in adult facilities, thousands of young people in the state's custody are most at risk of contracting this disease due to the enclosed spaces and often unsanitary conditions. It's not too late to prevent an outbreak from happening, especially while facilities aren't equipped to properly care for our young people.

I ask that you release as many youth as possible from the juvenile correctional facilities and stop sending more young people to these facilities during this global pandemic.

Thank you for your time and consideration!
Learn: Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute
Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute is a re-entry program that gives formerly incarcerated adults an education in the culinary and hospitality industry while providing a support network for long term success. Graduating about 100 students per year, Edwins provides students with culinary skills as well as assistance in finding employment upon graduation, free housing, legal services, literacy programs, and more. 
Watch "Knife Skills" Documentary

"Knife Skills"  is a 2018 Academy Award nominated short documentary about the launch of Edwins Restaurant in Cleveland.

Edwins Restaurant, Butcher Shop, and Bakery,  is open for takeout or delivery! You can order   HERE.   Support their belief that every human being, regardless of their past, has a right to a fair and equal future.
Magis Message: Sean Freeman '19

Your Magis Message for the day comes from Sean Freeman, Class of 2019.

"Today should simultaneously be the best you've ever been and the worst you'll ever be."

Click HERE to view Sean's message!
Reflection of the Week: Jillian Schaefer '20 on Edwins Restaurant and Leadership Institute

Jillian, who has interned at Edwins during her time at JCU, tells us about Edwins Restaurant and Leadership Institute, a featured community partner in Jesuit Week of Service. She also speaks about her path at JCU working with a variety of correctional facilities and re-entry programs.

Watch her reflection HERE!
Stay Engaged and Connected Virtually!
Explore our we bsite,   to find ways to stay connected, get involved from home, and continue to advocate for social justice.  We will be adding new content weekly!  Explore our website to learn how you can stay engaged and connected with others!
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Tutor Online with the Saturday Tutoring Program
As the Covid-19 pandemic forced an early closure for The Saturday Tutoring Program's 2019-2020 school year, deciding to close was not an easy decision but a necessary one.

Although The Saturday Tutoring Program was originally scheduled to end the school year on April 4, they have remained committed to their students and families. Many school districts have designed distance learning plans for students, but this new way of learning is presenting new challenges for students and their families. 

That is why the program has made the decision to offer free online tutoring to students. However, this new endeavor will not be a success without you!

Similar to Saturday mornings, once you complete a registration form, the program will pair you with a student based on your preferences. Once you are paired, you will receive an email which will include the date and time of your session (no more than 1 hour), the student's name/needed subject area and a link to the meeting room. All you have to do is show up at your scheduled time! Sessions will accessible by smartphone but a computer/tablet is recommended. 

If you are interested in providing online tutoring, complete a registration form HERE

Please email with any questions .
JCU Student Food Pantry is Open
The JCU Student Food Pantry will remain open and available for any student who needs it. Contact the office of Residence Life M-F 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m for the key and they will be happy to provide it. You can contact Residence Life at 216-397-4008 or email .
We are lookling for applicants who embrace the JCU mission of being  men and women for and with others!  As a CSSA representative, Student Liaisons serve as peer service leaders and van drivers as they facilitate a positive service experience for their fellow JCU students.  This paid position allows you to do all this and gain professional experience!

Do you have a good driving record and embrace the JCU mission of being a  "man or woman for others?"  Do you enjoy participating in service and interacting with other students and the community?  You can apply to be a student liaison too!

Responsibilities include:
  • Participating in the service activity
  • Serving as a CSSA ambassador for the community partner
  • Transporting students to and from service sites
  • Ensuring accurate attendance records
  • Providing pertinent information to CSSA staff members
  • Attending mandatory training sessions
  • Facilitating reflection

Click HERE   to read more and apply!
Questions? Contact CSSA a t
Fun Fact! I have been a vegetarian for 4 years!
Our #MYSERVICESTORY for the week comes from Erin Ahern, a junior Psychology and Sociology & Criminology double major and Statistics minor from Twinsburg, OH!

At which service sites / community partners have you served or been a student liaison?
I have served at Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy, Legal Aid, the Intergenerational School, and St. Francis School.

"One of my most memorable service experiences happened during my time at the Thomas Jefferson International Newcomers Academy. Every Thursday, we visited the students after school to tutor and help them with homework. I worked with the same group of girls every week, some weeks we'd work diligently on math problems or history worksheets while others we'd spend listening to BTS songs and watching TikToks. One week, we came up to the classroom and there was a bike randomly sitting near the teacher's desk. One of the girls exclaimed that she had never learned how to ride a bike and asked us to teach her. We spent the next hour teaching her how to ride the bike. We told her that if she could ride by herself by the end of the hour, we'd each bring her her favorite candy the next week, Snickers. We started by holding the handles as she learned how to peddle, and we slowly worked up to letting go. By the end of the hour, she was able to ride the bike down the hall by herself. She was nervous but beaming with joy as she knew she'd earned some Snickers and finally learned how to ride a bike by herself.

There are so many things that many of us as privileged Americans take for granted. A quality education system, a short commute to school, and having parents teach us to ride a bike are just a few luxuries that many migrant children do not have when they come to America. My time at Thomas Jefferson opened my eyes to the many things that we, myself included, take for granted. Seeing how proud and happy the girl was when she learned to ride the bike helped reveal to me the luxuries and privileges I really do have. This service experience has challenged me to acknowledge my privilege and show gratitude for the seemingly small luxuries and conveniences I do have. I am incredibly thankful for that experience and hope to continue building community and joy in all of my service sites."
Each week  we feature stories of students who have made service a cornerstone of their JCU experience. Complete the form below to show us how you #ServeCLE!
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