Dr. Ed Peck, John Carroll's Vice President of Mission and Identity, Welcomes You to Jesuit Week of Service!
Our Theme for Day One: Education

Our education partnerships prepare the next generation socially, academically, culturally, and intellectually to be engaged citizens and vibrant members of society.
JCU students provide educational support in our partnerships with:
  •  9 different after school programs
  •  3 high schools
  •  public and parochial elementary schools
  • 1 adult General Education Diploma (GED) program
Weekly service participants tutor in content areas of English, Math, Social Studies, Philosophy, French.
The Carroll Reads Early Literacy Program  provides one-on-one tutoring to help children develop early literacy skills and takes place at four different elementary schools twice a week.

Youth for Justice  is a civic education program where students work with eighth grade classes as they research and present solutions to topics of injustice.
In every program JCU students enter with the same goals: to foster healthy relationships, aid in learning, and learn from the students they work with from week to week.
Daily Service Challenge
Chose ONE or more activities below:

1. Record yourself singing/dancing to an interactive children’s song.
Think Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! Show the steps to the dance so that children can learn to dance along. This is a fun, interactive way to keep children active during social distancing. Email service@jcu.edu with your video and we will post it on our YouTube Channel and invite our community partners to share with the parents of their students!

2. Record yourself reading a children's story
Pick your favorite children's story and read it to a video camera. Be sure to show the pictures and use the video recording to show the book as you read aloud. This can also be done from an iPad or phone video camera. If you do not have a children's book at home, you can look up a book online and read from your iPad or phone and record yourself using your computer or have a friend record you. Email service@jcu.edu with your video and we will post it on our YouTube Channel and invite our community partners to share with the parents of their students!

3. Sort through your books to donate
Did you know there is a Cleveland Book Bank that accepts donations of gently used children's books? Although most places are not accepting donations during this time, you can still do your part and get books together to donate once locations are open again. Get some spring cleaning done and give to a good cause! Send us a picture of you and your donations! Learn more about the Cleveland's Kid's Book Bank HERE.

4. Write a letter to high school seniors
High school seniors are missing out on a lot of activities during this time of social distancing: prom, graduation, sports games. Write a letter of encouragement and comfort to a senior that you know and send us a picture of part of your letter. OR write a letter and we will send it to our community partners to share with their high school seniors. Email service@jcu.edu with your letter and we will send it along to our community partners.
How to participate and share your actions:

• Take photographs or videos of each of the daily challenges you choose to participate in.
• You have three options for sharing your challenge with us:

  1. On Instagram, make a post, tag @jcu_cssa and use the hashtags: #JWOS2020, #jcucssa, #servecle, and #servicechallenge. Your profile must be public for us to view your photos
  2. Direct Message @jcu_cssa on Instagram with your photos
  3. Email service@jcu.edu with your images

• Look for your photos and videos in the "JWOS Showcase of Service" video on Saturday!

• See what others are doing LIVE by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage at https://www.cssaengagecle.org/ and by following our hashtags on Instagram !
*Please note that CSSA may choose to share your photographs or videos and use your content for marketing purposes unless you specify you would not like your photographs or videos to be used*
Community Partner Spotlight:
St. Francis Elementary School
Presented by Alana Okuley '22 and Mark Grabowski '20

Saint Francis Elementary School is dedicated to providing a quality Catholic education for their students in a safe and caring environment. St. Francis helps students achieve their goals through religious growth and an appreciation of values.

The partnership between CSSA and St. Francis is one that is continually growing through service programs such as Carroll Reads, Math Tutoring , and Youth for Justice . If you are interested in getting involved at St. Francis, you can sign up for weekly service though CSSA to meet some of these awesome students and teachers, and be a part of the fun!
During previous year's Jesuit Day of Service at Saint Francis Elementary School, JCU has helped with landscaping work on the playground lot, the front of the school entrance, front of the convent and the backyard of the convent. These projects have included picking up trash and debris, removing weeds, raking, mulching, and developing relationships with the teachers and students of St. Francis. They have welcomed us with open arms and we are so grateful!

Watch Alana and Mark's video about St. Francis!

Hear from Scott Embacher JCU '01, principal of St. Francis Elementary School!
Community Partner Spotlight: St. Thomas Aquinas School
Presented by Danny DiMillo '20 and Sophia Rodgers '21

St Thomas Aquinas is our Community Partner spotlight! Look at how great everyone looks from last year's JWOS at St. Thomas Aquinas! St. Thomas Aquinas is a Catholic school committed to modeling and teaching Catholic morals and values while creating and maintaining an environment of mutual respect that honors the dignity of a scholar. They serve 218 children in grades K-8 in the Hough, Glenville, Superior/St. Clare, and Greater Cleveland area. 

St. Thomas Aquinas and John Carroll University partner in many ways! In addition to serving together and cleaning up the grounds for Jesuit Day of Service each spring, the two schools partner throughout the academic year on weekly service learning opportunities including Carroll Reads, Youth for Justice, French Club, and more.

To be a part of this wonderful partnership now, check out the service challenges above. 
Sustainability Suggestion: Reducing Waste
Welcome to the first day of Sustainability Suggestions! We may think waste is a very basic topic, but we do not always consider how far our impact stretches. This week, we will be discussing food, plastic, and material waste. These areas are not the only contributors to waste, yet we want to highlight easy changes you can make in your day-to-day lives.
To begin this week, we challenge everyone to "take the first step" and measure your ecological footprint with the Global Footprint Network: https://www.footprintcalculator.org/
Don't forget to check out CSSA's Instagram Story ( @jcu_cssa ) to see the Sustainability Interns' daily video!
Reflection: 8:00 pm on Instagram
Tune in tonight to our Instagram @jcu_cssa
for a live reflection by Drew!
Invite your family and friends to join in JWOS, they can register HERE to take part in the rest of the week's activities!

How it works:
  • Register now with your name and email HERE
  • You will receive an introductory email with the schedule for the week
  • From Monday, April 20 through Saturday, April 25, you will receive daily emails containing activities and challenges
  • Participate in as many or as few activities and challenges as you want. Share your activities with us on social media and online
  • On Saturday, April 25, we will celebrate our communities and our collective service

Read more about JWOS HERE
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