Jesus Was Homeless Delivers  More Meals Through Cookbook
Did you know you can cook healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals in a microwave?

Eight years after delivering their first meal to the homeless, Jesus Was Homeless is releasing a cookbook targeted at helping the people they serve by teaching them how to cook meals in a microwave.

"On one of our meal delivery nights, we delivered potatoes to people. We were told they didn't want them because they didn't know how to cook them in a microwave," said Bryan Stallings, executive director - Jesus Was Homeless. "The next week we put instructions together to teach them and were they able to cook them properly. We realized, in that experience, that people didn't know how to use the microwave for more than heating and reheating." 

Jesus Was Homeless continues to lead the charge in service to the poverty-level community of the Branson area through innovative ideas that employ them with options for better quality of life.This book makes some of the more complicated meals easier to prepare with easy to read instructions and more than 40 recipes.

There are two easy options to get your own " Motel Living: Cooking with a Microwave ." You can download it to your Kindle for just $2.99 or have your own copy in your kitchen for $9.99." It is now available on

See how easy it is to make a nutritious meal: