Jesus Weeps for Our Nation
Luke 19:41, “ Now as He drew near, He saw the city and wept over it ,” Right now Jesus is weeping for our country because of the senseless violence that recently claimed the life of George Floyd. His death speaks to the enduring presence of systematic and institutional racism within our country. As Christians we are deeply distressed by these types of violent acts that have persisted in our country for more than four centuries.
We as Christ followers denounce systemic racism and police brutality against any racial or ethnic group. Today especially our hearts are filled with pain for the inhumane treatment of our brothers and sisters in the African American community. We stand united with African American communities who have been affected by these ongoing acts of racial violence and other sinful injustices, often on a daily basis.   
Even more we need to be committed to identifying and addressing policies and systems in our own society that hinder access and the success of members who belong to marginalized and oppressed groups. God has called us to have an impact on the world, therefore, we are resolved to think and act in ways that create a more loving, equitable, and just community.
The Bible teaches us to respect and love all people as equal image-bearers of Jesus Christ. I want to say to members of our African American communities located all over this country, please forgive us if we have failed you by not speaking up or defending you the way Christ has taught us. Please know that you have our full love, support, and concern. We pray for God’s grace and protection on you and your families during this difficult time in our nation’s history.
It is time for us to reflect on our own responsibility in human suffering and our broken nation. We pray for God’s comfort for the families of those who have lost their loved ones and for God’s healing and sanctifying work in our society. We weep for our nation as Jesus wept for Jerusalem, but after we have wept, we stand with fellow believers to say, “No more.” Justice will prevail in the name of Jesus Christ and His love will conqueror evil.

Vince McCarty
Interim President
Inste Global Bible College