Jesus comes into his own

Jesus' time on earth living among us has come to an end. He's completed his mission and he has returned to the father. The glory that envelopes him is beyond anything our imaginations could produce. It is spectacular! As Jesus is there by the Father's throne, he begins separating folks that are already there...some go to his right and some go to his life. Some are the sheep and some are the goats...who look remarkably similar once the sheep are shorn. Only the one who can see into the heart of each can tell one from the other. So how does Jesus know which one is a sheep and which one is a goat? And how will Jesus determine which one we are? This is the moment of Jesus' crowning glory and the moment of truth for all who leave this world to enter into the kingdom of God. How well have we prepared? Are we ready? Join us on Sunday morning and explore with us what the preparation for this Day of Judgement is all about and what the benchmarks are. Click here for our virtual Worship Service at 10:30am on Sunday morning.