"Ask me,
    and I will make the nations your inheritance,
    the ends of the earth your possession." Psalm 2:8
Jesus is winning the hearts of Nenets, Dolgans, Enets, Nganasans and Evenkis with His irresistible love!
I just came back from perma frost Extreme northern Taimyr peninsula!
Ministered in Dudinka - town where our church is and where God is building national church and raising national evangelists.
The Queen of Tundra!
I call Yulia t he queen of tundra . With her husband Anatoliy and two sons they are owing t he largest deer heard in tundra - today it is over 2000 heads. Yulia is a powerful evangelist, as they travel from one place in Tundra to another and meeting new people in the deer breeding stations and villages. She is smart, she is bold , speaks two languages - Nenets and Russian . I was happy too see Yulia during my visit this time!
Katya in off white blouse.
Meet Katya!

Katya is Nganasan and speaks mainly Russian. She was raised in Dudinka orphanage with her sister Masha ! Katya came to know the Lord while in the orphanage where our missionaries came to preach the Gospel !
Since that time she committed to follow Jesus and became a key national leader in bringing local people to the Lord - t hose who moved to live in Dudinka from tundra and those who come to visit Dudinka from tundra .
Katya posses pastoral skills to take care of nationals and has influence among them .

Nationals trust her because she managed to avoid the pitfalls most other locals fall into - alcoholism! Katya is really a n example of maturity, commitment and faith in Jesus Christ!
Liuba is accepting Jesus into her heart!
Jesus healed tundra lady Liuba during our tea time fellowship and Q&A!

Liuba lived all her life in Tundra with her family and had a couple hundred deers herd. One day a s they packed their sleds and snowmobiles and were moving with the herd deers to another location in Tundra suddenl y snowmobile and sleds hit the icy bump and she fell off the sleds and hit her head on the ice and was trampled under deer feet . Liuba got many wounds and since that time she had constant pain in her body. During our tea and fellowship she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart and we prayed for her healing. Pain i n her body disappeared instantly. And she said - I have just a little bit of headache. And the next day during Sunday service we prayed for all people and her headache went away.
What a great testimony of God's love for indigenous people in Tundra.
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