Dear Friends,

Thankfully, the world is re-opening. The light is at the end of the proverbial pandemic tunnel. I feel as I imagine Noah and his wife, Naamah, must have felt as they disembarked from the ark. Fortunately, while far too many have suffered greatly because of "the flood" of COVID-19, our world has not been destroyed. But many aspects of society do need to be rebuilt or repaired.

As you emerge from your own "ark," and begin to live "normally" again, I encourage you to consider how you would like to help mend our community. Of course, at the Jewish Community Foundation we always encourage philanthropy, and many of our area nonprofit organizations need your support as they either reopen or pivot their operations again to the new post-pandemic reality. Beyond your monetary support, now is the time to give of your time, not just your money. With summer approaching, volunteering as a family—across the generations—can be both very satisfying and life-altering, especially for children and
young adults.

If you are looking for new volunteer opportunities, visit San Diego Volunteer Match. Or, for volunteer opportunities in the Jewish community, visit the Jewish Federation of San Diego County.
Wishing you a healthy and happy summer.

B'ruach Ha'nitina -- In the Spirit of Giving,