What’s Your Line? 
Creating Affinity Groups at Emanu-El
With the holidays almost past, we are looking ahead to new initiatives at Synagogue Emanu-El to engage with our community. Our goal is to connect you to online webinars and affinity groups. We are kicking this off with “Affinity Groups” currently offered by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC) that are open to women and men across the country. In addition, we will explore local Affinity Groups to bring together folks with common interests—topics of Jewish or general interest that strike your fancy.

Topics do not have to be “Jewish/religious” in nature. FJMC selected four pilot offerings: Jewish Sports, Cooking, Yiddish Alive, and Jewish Genealogy. Our hope is to add local color to these--topics such as Outdoor Travel in the Southeast, Kosher Cooking--Southern Style, Exploring Charleston's Past, Poker & Card Games, or other areas that interest you.

To join one of the existing FJMC networks you can sign up for their next meeting below, or visit the FJMC website to learn more.

If you are interested in leading or supporting an affinity group begun locally in our Charleston community, please contact Mike Mills (millsms1@gmail.com) or Bob Greenberg (director@emanu-el.com). Topics might include: Hobbies, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Professional, On-line gaming, Foreign Language, Self-Improvement or a host of Jewish Topics. We hope to build engagement and connection in the New Year. Join us on the journey.