JFS SV: Growing, Evolving and Changing!
November 2021
Dear Friends,

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley is growing and evolving, and it’s time for a change. 2021 has been a big year for JFS! We’re excited to emerge from the 2020 cocoon– and the future is looking bright.

We’re undertaking efforts to greatly increase the work we do. As a lead refugee resettlement agency, we’re welcoming many Afghans and others to their new home in Silicon Valley. We're also about to announce an innovative program for older adults and their caregivers that will make life better for so many people in our community.

And we’re welcoming many new faces on our staff and Board – while nearly doubling our office space on our campus.

A New Look
We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future.
We chose a new logo that reflects a more modern look and evokes our values of social responsibility, compassion, and respect. The hamsa has been modernized and we are introducing a red heart as a symbol of our responsiveness and caring. Red is an action color – depicting our responsiveness and professionalism in empowering our clients to transform their lives.

Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley occupies a special place in so many hearts - and I believe it is because we put people first. In fulfilling our mission to empower people to face their life’s challenges, we ensure that they feel welcomed when they arrive, and cared for throughout the time they spend with us. Our staff and volunteers focus on what a person needs – not merely on the services we have.
Time and time again, our clients tell us how they feel so cared for by our staff, and volunteers who have helped them create new homes, brought them meals, and given them hope and connection.
We also take to heart the issues raised around diversity, equity and inclusion. We've created a committee that meets regularly to understand, inform and create change at JFS. They are helping us to become a better agency where people of diverse backgrounds feel received, accepted and celebrated.
Embrace-A-Family is Here!
. . . And now it’s time once again for Embrace-A-Family where you get to act on the caring in your heart.  Partner with JFS to make the winter holidays warmer and better for older adults, struggling families, and newly arrived refugees. For more details . . .
Thank you for joining with us to meet the challenges of the future while honoring our traditional values.


Mindy Berkowitz
Executive Director
P.S. We’d love to hear your JFS heart story. Send it to me at mindyb@jfssv.org. We’ll publish them in future editions of this enewsletter and on the website.

Please contact Mindy Berkowitz at mindyb@jfssv.org;
or call her at (408) 357-7455 for more information.

Give from your heart!
If you wish to donate directly online:
you can go to our website at www.jfssv.org,
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We protect refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced persecution due to their religion, ethnicity, political expression or sexual orientation. They come from all over the world. The people we help flee dire and often violent circumstances.