September 10, 2018

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Greetings of peace,

Yesterday evening marked the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year, in this case, the year 5779. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the Hijra New Year, when Muslims will mark the year 1440. In a beautiful occurrence in 2017, both New Years aligned perfectly. ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali and Interfaith Speakers Bureau member Terry Fletcher co-authored an article in the Forward exploring the confluence .

As we enter the High Holy Days for the Jewish community, we're thankful for interfaith outreach events like the Sukkot celebration listed below, where Ameena Jandali will discuss stories about Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar in the Jewish and Muslim traditions.

Please find details on more upcoming events in California, Canada, and on Facebook below where ING speakers and staff will work with our Jewish friends and neighbors to make this new year as peaceful as possible.

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Tim Brauhn
Communications Manager

World Religions and the Environment:
September 16th in Saratoga
On Sunday, September 16th, from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Saratoga will host an interfaith panel on religious teachings about conservation and environmental preservation. ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan will moderate the panel.
Contemporary Issues Affecting American Muslims:
September 23rd in San Francisco
On Sunday, September 23rd, from 11:30 AM to 12:20 PM, ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will speak with the participants of Calvary Presbyterian Church’s Adult Education class about contemporary issues affecting U.S. Muslims . The session will address the serious challenges facing American Muslims today, including Islamophobia, maintaining a minority faith and culture in an increasingly secular but still nominally Christian-majority society, and promoting education about Islam and Muslims.
Sabbath in the 21st Century:
September 23rd in San Jose
On Sunday, September 23rd, from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM, ING Community and Civic Engagement Manager Raania Mohsen will participate in an interfaith panel for the Silicon Valley Interreligious Council’s Interreligious Leaders Forum. The topic of the panel is “Sabbath in the 21st Century” and will feature representatives from a variety of religious backgrounds exploring how their faith communities orient around a “day of rest” in the modern (busy) world.
Jewish Festival of Sukkot for Muslim Neighbors:
September 23rd in Berkeley
On Sunday, September 23rd, from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM, please join our friends at Chochmat HaLev for a celebration of the Jewish festival of Sukkot! Learn how to write your name in Hebrew and Arabic and help decorate the Sukkah (temporary outdoor dwelling). ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali and Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb will offer stories about Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar in the Jewish and Muslim traditions.
Reporting and Countering Islamophobia in School:
October 11th via Facebook Live
On Thursday, October 11th, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time, the third and final installment in our autumn webinar series on Countering Islamophobia in schools will be delivered via Facebook Live. "Reporting and Countering Islamophobia" will feature Ishaq Pathan, ING Deputy Director; and Zahra Billoo, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations - San Francisco Bay Area.
Public Hearing on Bullying Awareness:
October 12th in San Jose
On Friday, October 12th, from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM, please join ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi and Assemblymember Kansen Chu for a  public hearing on bullying awareness . Maha will discuss ING's work in schools through our speakers bureaus and INGYouth program. The hearing will be held at the Santa Clara County Board Chambers in San Jose.
2018 Parliament of the World's Religions:
November 1st-7th in Toronto, Ontario
The Parliament of the World's Religions is the oldest, largest, most diverse interfaith gathering in the world. For the 2018 Parliament in Toronto, Ontario, Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan will deliver two sessions on ING's programs. On Sunday, November 4th, from 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM (Eastern Time) he will discuss the Islamic Speakers Bureau and Interfaith Speakers Bureau and walk attendees through best practices for starting similar initiatives. On Tuesday, November 6th, from 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM (Eastern Time) Ishaq will lead a session exploring how the INGYouth program enables Muslim youth to actively counter hate in their communities.

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