September 2013
Jewish New Year
A Season for Thanksgiving
Pomegranates and Honey Dear Friends of Beit Immanuel,

ON the eve of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, we want to wish each one of you, those close to us and those in distant lands, blessings for the New Year.

Tradition teaches us that this is the time of year to be thankful to our God for all his blessings throughout the year. It is also time to remember all of you, our dear friends from around the world, for being a special part of our lives, for your prayers, encouragement, and support. 

Beit Immanuel Guest House
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We thank the Lord for a full and fruitful summer at Beit Immanuel Hostel. Winter is always a great time to visit Israel with the great weather and smaller crowds.
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Praying for one another

Celebrating Life
at Beit Immanuel

Celebrating together
Family Shabbat A Fruitful Year

With your help this year we were able to:
  • install a couple in our community to encourage and teach the youth. 
  • assist two single-parent-moms and one young adult with scholarships for higher education.
  • provide basic sustenance for 7 needy families.
  • bless our children with Bible lessons and holiday activities connecting them with the Land of Israel and a godly heritage.
With your help and continuing support and prayers we hope to do even more in the coming New Year.


Dedication Ceremony The Young Generation

This year a number of young people dedicated themselves to the Messiah Yeshua. The Youth Group grew in numbers, matured in their faith and became a vital and active part in the life of the community. We are so blessed by this younger generation!

Our Congregation
From Around the World

Groups and friends from around the world came to visit and share their lives with us. We are grateful for your kind and faithful service to our people and our community. To those of you standing with us in Australia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Canada, England, USA, South Africa, Latvia and more thank-you so much for your big hearts of love. You have become a part of His bigger plan in our lives and we always hold you dearly in our hearts. Please know that the seeds you have planted into the lives of our people continue to blossom and grow day by day.

A Prayer
Thank you as you continue to pray with us for the spiritual development of the members of our community, for those of us who are going through especially difficult circumstances and for the youth and elderly alike. 

We remember Aleksey's father who passed away this year and thank God for His grace and support for the family through this difficult time.

With Love ...

We will be giving thanks for all of you and for what the Lord has done during our Rosh Hashana Celebration. 

May each one of you have a New Year of goodness, health and Shalom.

From the staff, leaders, members and volunteers of Beit Immanuel.