August 16, 2019
Burying the ashes
Holocaust museum in Suffern discovers human cremated remains in its archives
There are some things that most of us cannot imagine.

We cannot imagine enduring the Holocaust, surviving the depravity and horror, the nightmarish deaths of everyone we’d loved, of everyone we’d known, of the world as we’d hoped it to be.
A summer of civic engagement
Camp Ramah Nyack addresses the present moment

So you think something is wrong with the world, with the country, with your city or town. You want it fixed. You want to help fix it.
But you feel entirely helpless. Useless. You’re just one person. Everything seems to get worse by the day. What can you possibly do that could make a difference?
Tuesday, Aug 20 , 5:45PM-9:45PM
Beth Am Temple, Pearl River
Tuesday, Aug 27 , 5:45PM-9:45PM
Beth Am Temple, Pearl River
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