January 3, 2020
After stabbing on Chanukah, Monsey’s Orthodox Jews defiant, searching answers

When a man wielding a machete burst into a Chanukah party at a rabbi’s house in Monsey, Joseph Gluck sprang into action.

Mr. Gluck, the administrator of the Orthodox synagogue next door, helped evacuate party guests from the house. Then he came back and threw a coffee table at the attacker’s head. As the attacker fled, having stabbed five chasidic Jews, Mr. Gluck took down his license plate number.
The Rottenberg family gift

Saturday night’s attack in Monsey felt as close to home to me as the Christmas Day tumult here in Teaneck’s own Sammy’s Bagels.

You see, I grew up attending a shteibel that used to be the shul of Rav Menachem Rottenberg z’l, the father of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg. While R. Rottenberg moved away when I was very little, our families maintained close ties. In fact, we would go to his Brooklyn shul every Hoshana Rabbah and every chol hamoed Pesach.
Should we be silent or should we scream?
Thoughts on the ancient virus of anti-Semitism

Abraham Foxman of Bergen County is an optimist, he always says; his life, which began in just-pre-Holocaust Poland, was saved by his babysitter, who brought him up with love; his parents both survived and the family was reunited, and he went on to a 50-year career at the Anti-Defamation League, most of it as its head.
So many new year days for Jews!

5…4…3…2..1…Happy New Year! As we enter the secular New Year and begin a new decade, I have been reflecting on how we organize and categorize time in the moment when many are focused on developing and sticking to new year resolutions.
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