January 31, 2020
Whose history is this anyway?

It was my first week in high school in American history class, at the then-brand new Arts Magnet High School in downtown Dallas, when I encountered Haym Salomon. I learned, as we read aloud from the textbook by turn, that he was a financier of the American Revolution — and a Jew.

“What is a Jew?” one of my classmates asked. Silence followed. It was dawning on my ninth-grade self that I was likely the only Jew in the class. Greater minds than mine had grappled with the question of who is a Jew — and likely will do so long into the future — but at that moment, I felt like I had to do something.
‘It was magical’
Great-grandmother Estelle Eisenkraft reads haftarah for her great-granddaughter’s naming

Last Shabbat, Estelle Eisenkraft read haftarah at her infant great granddaughter’s naming. At 80, she stood at the bimah of the Nanuet Jewish Center, the New City shul to which she and her husband, Allan, have belonged for 50 years, and a bimah from which she and her daughter, the baby’s grandmother, both have been reading Torah and haftarah for decades.

All by itself, that is a moving and unusual accomplishment. Families move. People marry later and have children later. Skills atrophy, and so does the impetus not to allow that to happen. And Ms. Eisenkraft has read haftarah so often that her merely reading it once again, while inspirational, no longer is surprising.
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