March 13, 2020
Precautionary measures
Shut-downs, self-quarantines, and safety precautions in face of viral outbreak

It happened here.

Through coincidence and connection — as well as a caution — our corner of the East Coast was among the first to begin shutting down for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Coincidence: There was nothing preordained that New York State’s first known victim of the virus would be a 50-year-old man from Westchester County’s modern Orthodox community. But connections within the modern Orthodox community run deep, so it is not surprising that as health officials traced his steps, they were found to overlap with many people in Bergen and Rockland counties.
How to reveal through masking
Thoughts on Covid-19

One summer when I was a counselor at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, we handed out plain white masks to our 14-year-old campers. I asked them to draw or write the things that they hid behind on those masks. What can only be described as fervent writing followed the prompt. Words, experiences, and pictures filled up the masks. I learned about their fears about high school, their insecurities about themselves, the power of peer pressure, and alluring vices. Everyone had a story, and in the safety of our bunk, situated within the intentionality of camp, the stories flowed freely. Just identifying what we hide behind opened up a summer-long dialogue about how to come out from beneath the masks that we wear.
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