March 27, 2020
Local schools go online
Some of the area’s many schools detail their out-of-the-building strategies

As far back as any of us can remember — no, much farther back then that, way past living memory and historic memory — being in school meant being together, in a class, with other people.

Sure, there were correspondence courses, and more recently online classes, but those were outliers, exceptions, not rules. Education started with little kids going off to school — think teary mothers putting brave, excited little kids on big yellow school buses, or for a specifically Jewish image, there’s the romanticized one of the tiny boy licking honey from the first letter he learns his first day of cheder.
A cantor does tech support
Rockland Foundation’s Barry Kanarek teaches Melton students to connect online

Barry Kanarek is the cantor at the Nanuet Hebrew Center in New City, and he is the director of adult Jewish education at the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland County.

He also has become a one-person self-trained IT help line.
Silver linings

My friend Dan thinks the messiah is coming. Really!

He’s always been a silver-linings kind of guy. With cruise ships and hotels and other accoutrements of luxury being converted to assets to help people through this crisis, perhaps there’s something to be said for his positivity. As for me, no dark cloud escapes my careful inspection. In part, this is my trained reaction — to try to control anything that makes me uncomfortable — and so I try to plan my way through every contingency. My plans? God is having a good laugh.
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