Thank you for being a part of Joy in Motion's second year. 

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  Inside this Year In Review:
  • The Founding of JiM - Why Non-Profit?
  • Winter Spring 2017 - JiM's 2nd Stage Show
  • Summer 2017 - Dance Camp, OPP Party, Preschool Enrichment, Groovin' for Good & MEF
  • Fall 2017 - Mixology & DFK
  • Directors' Favorite Photo from 2017
  • 2018 - Here We Come!
  • Year-End Giving - DEPLOY JOY!
The Founding of Joy in Motion
In October of 2014, we (Justin & Linda) said, let's do this! And made a pact to run a dance organization together. Really, together? Yes.

On June 8th, 2015 we took a huge step (ok, waddle, since Linda was 9 months pregnant with her 2nd child) and went to Sacramento to file our articles of incorporation. On paper, Joy in Motion was born!
Why Non-Profit?

We get this question a lot.
Many urban dance centers, classical ballet schools, and community theaters with kids programming are non-profit. Non-profits send a clear message that they are in service to and answerable to the community...and it's not just lip service. Our annual tax returns are open to the public and we strive to build a strong community arts organization that will outlive our own careers.

Don't you want to make money?
Why yes, yes we do. In fact, part of the decision to incorporate as a non-profit was that we strongly believe artists and teachers deserve benefits common to other professions such as unemployment insurance, social security and retirement. Justin and Linda are employees of Joy in Motion who report to the Board of Directors. We pull a salary set by the Board, and the rest goes back into Joy in Motion.
April 2017 - The IRS Said YES!
Joy in Motion receives 510(c)3 status.

Last year we asked you to add your intention to ours that the agent with our file on his/her desk is feeling the JOY, and it worked! The 50-page IRS Form 1023 application with 4-year budget Linda submitted was given the stamp of approval.
Thank you so much to Joy in Motion's Inaugural Board of Directors
Leah Wilson - President
Joycelin Craig - Secretary
Linda Craig - Treasurer
Kim Angell
Justin Cole
Tammara Plankers
Angel Sorenson
Winter Spring 2017 - JiM's 2nd Stage Show
In one year we achieved a whopping 40% increase in youth enrollments from WS Session 2016...and even snuck in a few side gigs like helping a Girl Scout troop earn a badge! Thank you to Star Pilates & Fitness and Sizzling Latin Dance Studio in Lafayette for the use of their spaces that have allowed us to bring the joy of dance to the community.
"Please Don't Stop the Music"

We held our second stage show at the Orinda Library Auditorium in May of 2017. With your help we sat 1.5k people in a 144 seat house over 4 days! We loved watching so many performers and audience members come out of the intimate theater glowing with pride and JOY!
Click the "For Our Volunteers" picture below to re-watch the wrap-up slide show.

Summer 2017 - Dance Camp Spirit
Joy in Motion's 2nd Summer Dance Camp Spirit was so much fun! Themed days included Money Makin' Monday, Tacky Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Favorit e Color Friday. Campers learned dances matching the day's theme with crafts and games sprinkled in. We love encouraging creativity, vibrant living and self-expression, especially when it includes dancing and art projects. Dance Camp gives Justin & Ms. Linda a rare and welcome opportunity to teach together 5 days in a row!
Other Summer Activity in the Community

O.P.P. Swim Party
On July 13th, Justin went to the Electric Stingray Ball to teach a short dance to the O.P.P. Swim Team in Orinda. It was a lot of fun getting the team pumped up before their big O.M.P.A. meet.

Preschool Enrichment Classes
On June 23th, Ms. Linda got to transform the school into a dance studio at St. Mark's Nursery School for the littles during their Dance Week. Ms. LInda also taught two separate sessions of Enrichment Classes for the preschool plus one summer session Enrichment Class for El Cerrito Preschool Co-op!

Groovin' for Good
On July 23rd, we collaborated with Mindful Littles on a wonderful event spreading love, joy and compassion at the Orinda Senior Villiage...Groovin' for Good. 

Our dancers were courageous, gracious, kind and so much fun to watch.
JiM dancers performed two numbers and then the entire group at the  Mindful Littles  event did a Freezemob and dance number which was led by Justin less than an hour before. 

Everyone had a huge smile on their face and our dancers were part of the reason why.
At the end of the dance performance each family was supposed to pair up with a senior to have a conversation. Before we were able to encourage it, each of our dancers went out and started interviewing them. They showed great kindness in how they talked with them and bravery in just walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation. 

We are beyond proud and grateful to have been able to collaborate with Mindful Littles on this meaningful event and are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community!

Straight Outta Moraga
On August 7th, Joy in Motion donated an Auction Party to help raise money for The Moraga Education Foundation.

We enjoyed savory treats, beverages, one another's company and danced to "This is How We Do it!" It was a blast raising money for these kids.
  Fall 2017 Session - Keeping JiM Local and Global!

Art of Mixology
Joy in Motion is an Arts Partner with the Lamorinda Arts Council which Justin has been an active board member with for over 2 years. This year he chaired the Council's biggest fundraiser of the year, The Art of Mixology. This was the most successful year yet and JiM was a proud sponsor.

This year Joy in Motion helped facilitate the event's first ever Flashmob. JiM Adult Dancers, LAC Board Members, Bartenders and Community Members all surprised the crowd of over 320 with a dance to "Tequila". It was a moment to remember!
Dance for Kindness 
Dance for Kindness (DFK) is a World Wide event brought to everyone by Life Vest Inside, a non-profit organization based in New York. It is in celebration of World Kindness Day. Over 12,000 participants in over 100 cities, in about 50 countries, perform a Freezemob & Flashmob to the  same  songs, doing the  same  dance, all on the  same  day.

Once again, Justin was asked to be the Head Choreographer for the worldwide event. He spent Father's Day in NYC to film the dance tutorial video at the famed Broadway Dance Center. It was the second year people all over the GLOBE danced to Justin's moves!
In honor of World Kindness Day on November 13th, Orinda Union School District launched Orinda CARES: Express Kindness and Joy in Motion was a Bronze Sponsor for their initiative. Justin taught the official dance to three of the elementary schools in Orinda as well as the High School Musical Theatre Class.
On November 12th, Justin led the first ever San Francisco event for the 6th annual DFK. Joy in Motion was happy to be a sponsor for this inspiring and uplifting event and our name went global. We even made the local evening news! Thank you to all the participants.

KTVU/Bay Area People did a lengthy segment on Justin's efforts. To see that footage, click HERE
Once again, we'd like to thank Tom Greenberg for donating his time to provide us with amazing sound and dance grooves. We also appreciate all the photos from everyone, particularly Greg Wilson, Monica Fitzsimmons, Sonya Grover, Larissa Kosla, and Matt Bauer. Thank you to the videographers, Jack Lewis, Kiva Corshen and Nick Buckwalter.

Anjee's Dance Etc.
Broadway Rhythm Dance Company
Kind Healthy Snacks
Katie's Dance Studio
Mindful Littles
Orinda CARES
The Peter Pan Foundation
The San Francisco Giants
Splitz Dance Academy
Star Pilates & Fitness
Directors' Favorite Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of 2017
Ms. Linda
I love this picture because it shows the power of dance to bring generations together. The woman in the foreground was waiting for the Orinda library to open and she jumped into the Dance for Kindness practice! Moments before I snapped this shot, I was not particularly excited to be giving another weekend day to Joy in Motion, but when I saw this scene unfolding, I trusted I was right where I needed to be.
I adore this picture because it captures that feeling of wonder, excitement and butterflies performers get in their stomachs when they are about to enter the stage, whether it's the first time or the hundredth. We only get one "first performance ever" and I'm always so happy to share that experience with our dancers!
2018 - Here We Come!
We wish you all a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year! We are excited for our 2018 Capital Campaign to make our move into the Old Moraga Post Office at 1545 School Street!
Save the Date for Our Big Fundraiser:
Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Until then, please consider including Joy in Motion in your final year-end donations. All funds go directly toward getting us into our new home so we have a solid base to continue to bring dance into the Lamorinda community and beyond.