Forget Me Nots
God is the Great Healer 
"... hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, [who is] the health of my countenance, and my God." 
Psalm 42:11 
       Life sure can throw you a curve ball but with God's help and with His will we can hit that curve ball out of the ball park!! This cancer diagnosis was truly an unexpected curve ball. But God is walking with us through this journey. We chose the natural route over the traditional mode of treatment and God has truly blessed us thanks in part to all your prayers.
       We have good news ... May 13-16 was the biopsy and the diagnosis came a few days later. We immediately began treatments we could do at home. On June 6th Jim began IV Vit C treatments at the clinic in AZ. On July 12th the prostate tumors were reduced by 50% as felt by physical exam. On July 18th the tumors were reduced by 90%. We rejoiced praising the Lord and encouraged to continue in the way we were. On July 28th the prostate itself was reducing in size with no lumps detectable.
       On July 19th the lab results revealed a reduction in the PSA value from 12.7 down to 7.9 which is a 40% reduction. God is the great Healer for sure. Jim continues to cooperate with God, Dr Cheryl Kollin (photo just below), and the protocol, at 110%.
       Contact info for those interested ...
       Tempe, AZ ... Email ...
       Phone: 480-428-0661 ... or office 480-568-0252

       Jim has had 27 Vitamin C IV's so far over 8 weeks. Most IV's are 50,000 mg Vit C. Plus he's gone through several cleansing protocols addressing his gallbladder, liver, colon, kidneys, lymphatics, bacteria, virus, ticks, molds, and more. Surely he has to be a clean machine by now!! And all this with no real side effects from the treatments, only 3 rashes that came out with different cleansing protocols.

       Here is Candi starting his IV. She is a sweetie!!

       Jim has taken his green drink every morning since the very beginning, kept a clean, healthy, green diet with no sugar which means only berries. Most other fruits are too high a glycemic index to eat at this time. Cancer cells are voracious sugar eaters and grow rapidly in this environment. So we are making their environment a hindrance to growth & life. He is Exercising every day faithfully. This oxygenates his entire system. Cancer grows in an anaerobic state (no oxygen). So again we don't want them cancer cells to be happy or live--we want to make life miserable for them to survive.
       Jim takes a number of supplements that contribute to oxygenating his system plus mushrooms and herbs to kill cancer. So we have the enemy on the run and want to redeem the good cells and do in the good cells gone bad. We do that best by doing all we can to make the immune system healthy. Vit C being a key factor here. We want the immune system to be at peak health so it can do what God intended it to do and that is to annihilate those rough (irregular--ill) cancer cells.

       The 4th major factor in fighting any illness but especially cancer is to reduce and eliminate all the stress you can. Your mental attitude and spiritual life are key factors here. Physically Jim loves hiking especially in the mountains. Nature ministers to Jim's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual life. AZ is not CO or MT. Jim calls AZ Purgatory, you don't want to be outside. We do our exercises at 6am and 7pm which is biking & swimming predominately.
       But Jim missed his mountains, cool temperatures and all the wanderers from Eden (flowers) that grow on the mountains in excess splendor. So Jim did 3 days of IV's then we drove home to CO 10 hours worth, and spent a longer 5 day weekend and we'd go hiking to soak in the beauty and talk with God ... then went back to AZ and back to CO once again. Jim was planning to drive 2 ways all alone the second trip but God provided a friend that paid an air flight back and forth. Our friend said, he wanted to save Jim the stress involved in driving that much alone and insisted he fly instead of drive! Isn't God good and what about that friend!! We thank them both!! Friends show God to be real on this earth when you are ministered to in this way.

       Then God made another blessing. Jim had been trying to set up IV care an hour from our home in Grand Junction to administer the IV's under Dr. Kollin from AZ. Well that materialized! So for the month of August we can stay home and continue doing some more cleansing programs, heat treatments, detox, and Vit C IV treatments. And most importantly be in the mountains healing and stress free closer to God. A new term has been born ... "Therapeutic Hiking and Camping" that brings such joy and exercise, while continuing Jim's  cancer treatments. With no side effects of the natural treatments isn't this wonderful and God's plan!!

Come ye yourselves apart and Rest A While.
       "Acquaint now thyself with God and be at peace." Job 22:21
       What can God do with the curve ball sent your way? Seek and find Him--He is there for you!! 
God & God alone--my Healer,
Jim & Sally

                             God wants to be your Healing God!!