Bend in the Road
Awesome God
 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."  3 John 1:2

Well in August Jim had 2 MRI's done to see his status. One was a regular MRI and the 2nd was with contrast media MRI both done one after the other. It revealed no abnormalities in the prostate or any surrounding tissues and organs. From the medical profession that is a clean bill of health. It shows God's Mighty hand blessing the natural remedies we chose to fight the enemy cancer with. Jim was 4th stage prostate cancer 3 months prior to this.

But the war is not yet done. With all the research, study, talking with many professionals, and online information we have learned that it takes a billion cancer cells to be seen on x-ray. One million cancer cells is the size of the head of a pin and not seen on x-ray. So prayer and logic led us to continue in the protocol we were on that was beating back this disease and continued in our treatment list for 2 more months. Logic said treat this systemically, and continue to build up the immune system.

We retreated to the mountains for Rest, Recuperation and God's revitalization.

Interesting that Jim's prostate in the first 3 months of natural treatments with no side effects, reduced the tumors to undetectable. The MRI revealed it to be "small" which is a good thing in August. In September & October physical examination revealed the prostate to continue to change, soften, and reduce from there. By faith we believe God continues to heal to the deeper level for that which we cannot see. It is interesting that we are seeing changes in Jim's skin on his face and head which had pre-cancerouse cell changes becoming healthy again. So what we are doing systemically is going beyond just the prostate. Truly friends this is a war and you need a battalion of soldiers--not just one, and under God to fight this enemy.

Your prayers are a part of this miraculous healing that is taking place and we thank you for your continued support and encouragement here.

We continue to research, read, and learn more from books and others. Presently we are lessening many of the supplements he was on and probiotics in various forms are doing some interesting things to improve health as well through the gut. Did you know that 70% of your immune system originates in the gut? We'll give it a bit more time before we share what we are seeing and be more conclusive.

Jim has had 53 IV Vit C treatments and has now cut back to twice a week from three times a week. We aim to simplify treatments, change some, and continue to seek God as the Great Physician what He'd have us to do now.

Jim feels good, looks good, has all the energy anyone could want, climbs the mountains better than ever, and even has improved his very good endurance. Friends I'm (Sally) a bit concerned here. Our son Andrew was here a few weeks ago and we went hiking and Jim was out hiking me, pressing me to hike steep areas without his usual rest stops here and there and Jim didn't even know he was pushing me. When I asked him if he was showing off for our son--he said, "No, I just feel so good, I didn't know I was pushing you or doing anything out of the ordinary." When I showed him how far we had gone without a minutes rest he saw this was far more than usual.

God is an awesome God wanting us to prosper and be in good health. Will we but cooperate in His principle, healthy lifestyle and diet, and do His will--how much better health could we enjoy? We are praising God right now but know this war is not yet won and will put our efforts into knowing and doing God's will the best we know and understand. By His grace and Divine power attending our Human efforts we shall persevere. Regaining health is not easy but it is worth it.

       "Acquaint now thyself with God and be at peace." Job 22:21
God & God alone,
Jim & Sally
Going up to the Mountain to spend time with God!!
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