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God's Power of Healing
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 
3 John 1:2
In the power of the above Scripture we have walked like Job and like many of you as well. We have cried out to God. We tried this and that for our suffering or to resolve our need. For a time it looks like you are winning only to be disappointed because relief or healing didn't come. We don't want to empathize with Job this well ... do we?

But presently, at this time we are saying, "Thank you Lord" regarding Jim's battle with cancer. Looks like we are winning!! We know all trials of life are designed to drive us closer to Jesus and they have--where else can we turn for true Comfort! BUT now a time for rejoicing has come. We bring you GOOD NEWS!

We went to Denver mid June for a 3.5 month check up post freezing procedure with Dr Crawford. Dr commented that Jim looked good, he had no negative side effects from the procedure, no detectable tumors upon physical exam, so lets do a blood test and see how your body is doing from the inside. Jim asked, "So what can we expect with the PSA reading?"

Dr Crawford said, "Your reading at the time of the procedure was a PSA of 15.11 and Stage 4 prostate cancer. This is a very serious disease. If we get a PSA of 5.0 I would be very pleased. These things take time to come down and the body to clean out." Dr Crawford has done over 4,000 of these procedures so this is the norm.

Jim asked, "So what would be a dynamite, out of this world PSA reading be?"

"Well highly unlikely, I don't encourage you to be disappointed when you don't reach this level. Remember you had stage 4 cancer. But a 0.5 reading would be just out of this world." the Dr responded.

Well Jim's current PSA test was 0.34. We consider this a miracle of God's hand. We are rejoicing In Jesus. His love, forgiveness, and restoration is out of this world. We see the helpful role of all the natural things of diet, lifestyle, exercise, no sugar, avoiding stress, trust and surrender to God that we did for a year were helpful in procuring these results. The prayers of many of you folks in Jim's behalf played a key role here in this reading. We are rejoicing in God's strong arm to heal! I'm sure Job found his blessings after all the trials difficult to believe as well. Job was ready to die and trust in God if he didn't get the blessings. And so were we.

We have one more test still out there that we are hoping will confirm these other 2 evidences of where we are today. Now Dr says we can't claim cure until the PSA testing done quarterly for 2 years and maintaining this level will be the true test. We accept this.

Our plans for the future are not to fall back into little indulgences by God's grace. Jim will maintain a sugar free diet, mostly low glycemic with a few minor exceptions in the fruit line. A healthy, nutritious diet, daily exercise and closeness to Jesus, aiming to do all he knows to do. He will continue to choose to submit to do God's will not his own. We need God's divinity to accompany our humanity to maintain cancer free. We are Praising God for the health Jim has. As many of you know Jim broke his back in 2014 with the risk of paralysis, but has recovered with no limitations or consequences. That was a Divine healing with Jim's cooperation. Now we pray for the same here with his fight against cancer under God's management.

Jim went on a Victory hike the day after the PSA results. He went up to the high mountains to snow level June 15th. He climbed 2300 feet of elevation and felt great at 12,000 feet. The next day Jim and I went on a hike up in the San Juan mountains to enjoy the high country up to 12,000 feet at snow level. The grandeur of God is spectacular there drawing out our union and communion with Him with MUCH GRATITUDE!! God is so real up there. For being 68 years old climbing mountains is still our joy and we thank God for good health and His many blessings upon us. We wish you all this same joy.

Jim had the focal cryoboalation procedure done Feb 28th 2017 because the tumors came back when we backed off of the natural treatments of Vitamin C IV and oral, and the other 30 some protocols he was following. The natural remedies; good diet, exercise, and stress management did a good job. They eliminated the cancer tumors, built up the immune system, and we cleansed the entire body organs in the process of 9 months. The MRI showed nothing anywhere. It's coming back challenged us very much. We saw God's blessings in the treatments but this was not strong enough to kill the stem cells of Jim's 4th stage cancer. This is the core of it all.

So what have we learned here? Jim had a strong family, DNA predisposition to prostate cancer that even our long term life style did not avert. Yet we praise the natural remedies and God's blessings to do the good they did. The Dr's have said his diet and lifestyle made him the poster child not to get prostate cancer. Yet he did. Herein is identifying with Job! What we do with our trials by turning to Jesus for help, direction, and wisdom is a key factor here. It doesn't pay to be discouraged but it does pay to ask Acts 9:6 "Lord what would thou have me to do?" We need to Do something not nothing. We need to Trust God like Job and go forward. Don't give up friends if this applies to you. 

Conclusion ... for Jim

Number 1 ... The Power of prayer is remarkable and notable. Many people praying for us and God honoring our faith to answer, and to direct our steps.
Number 2 ... Following a cancer free protocol of all we knew in diet, exercise, lifestyle and trust in God and avoiding as much stress as possible are key factors.
Number 3 ... The State of the ark modern medicine of focal cryobolation with little to no side effects that does not compromise the immune system was a factor in the scheme of things and God's will.

We needed all of these things--not just one. This combination has put us where we are today. We thank you folks for being part of this good news! We thank God the most for never leaving us nor forsaking us, taking us through this difficult time and restoring Jim's health once again. Now we desire to tell others about this Jesus that loves and heals us of our diseases. We pray this for all of you too!

God & God alone,
Jim & Sally
What Will you do Today?