Jim Conner Racing Continues with MORR in 2016
Auto Meter, Optima Batteries, Walker Evans Racing

Abrams, Wisc. (February 16, 2016) - Jim Conner Racing continues its long standing relationship with the Midwest Off-Road Racing community by posting three separate offers for the 2016 MORR supported Sportsman short-course off-road vents. Thanks to the efforts from JCR, Walker Evans Racing, Auto Meter, and Optima Batteries will once again include the MORR Contingency Program in its marketing efforts.

The offers from the Lake Havasu, Arizona based operations are as follows:
Auto Meter - First Place in all car, buggy and truck classes: $100 gift certificate. Must use Auto Meter gauges. Two decals - one on each side.

Optima Batteries - First Place in all car, buggy and truck classes: $100 gift certificate. Must use an Optima Battery. Two decals - one on each side.

Walker Evans Racing Wheels - First Place in all car, buggy and truck classes: $300 gift certificate. Exclusive use of either Walker Evans Wheels or Walker Evans Shocks. Two decals - one on each side.

Any questions about the contingency offers from Jim Conner Racing please contact: Jim Conner Racing 2169 Daytona Ave. Lake Havasu, AZ 86403 / 928-855-0912 jcrace@ctaz.com

The MORR group will compete at the five Midwestern TORC events as well as a non-points event in southwest Michigan.

2016 MORR Event Schedule
Date                                 Venue
June 10-11                      Joliet, IL (TORC)
June 25-26                      Crandon, WI (TORC)
July 16-17                       Elk River, MN (TORC)
July 30-31                       Bark River, MI (TORC)
August 12-13*               Hartford, MI (non-points Challenge)
September 2-4               Crandon, WI (TORC)

Auto Meter Products, Inc. is the nation's leading provider of automotive aftermarket information systems, including gauges, video recorders, and data telemetry.  The company also manufactures a line of professional-grade electrical system and battery testing systems specifically designed for the newest automotive battery technology.

OPTIMA® YELLOWTOP®, REDTOP® and BLUETOP® batteries are available through leading battery distributors globally. When looking for OPTIMA Batteries consumers should look for the unique, colored-top and SIX PACK™ design which OPTIMA is known throughout the world. In 2012, OPTIMA added to its product line with the innovative OPTIMA® Chargers Digital 1200 Battery Charger for all automotive and marine batteries.

At Walker Evans Racing our goals is to design and manufacture quality, performance, race-proven products that can used for aftermarket applications. The very same product we produce is the very same product used on numerous race winning vehicles. Based in Riverside, CA Walker Evans Racing has been involved in the off road industry for over 30 years.
About MORR
The goal of the Midwest Off Road Racing (MORR) group is to insure affordable racing for the Midwest Sportsman Off Road Racer by uniting racers with a common voice. Maintaining affiliations with approved sanctioning bodies will allow the competitor and the enthusiast to enjoy off road racing now and in the future.