Campaign Update
July 18, 2023
Jim Himes must be feeling the heat of the Parents’ Rights movement in CT-4 – as well he should. But instead of siding with, or at least empathizing with parents’ righteous concern with the spread of sexually explicit books throughout the school classrooms and school libraries, his latest ‘update e-mail’ distributed throughout the District, calls concerned parents – “extremists.” And instead, he is actually promoting these specific books in his suggested “summer reading list.” In howling about parents driving an infringement of “free speech,” he reveals his own perverse concept of free speech. You just can’t make it up. See his reading recommendations HERE.
Ever the slick wielder of the ‘false premise’ and ‘straw-man argument,’ Himes feels compelled to employ the canard that the Parents’ Rights movement recommends “book-banning” and the quashing of “freedoms like speech and expression.” No Jim - these books have been intentionally curated into the schools – the parents are recommending they be curated back out of the school libraries and curricula. The issue is the age-inappropriateness of this material. As one mother said at a public BOE hearing – “I’m 42 and I don’t think these books are even appropriate at my age!”
The ever-vigilant Connecticut Centinal picked up on Himes’ alarming e-mail, and published an excellent article which illuminates, exposes, and in-fact documents that Himes is all-in with the sexualization of elementary school children. See the article HERE.

And curiously and ‘coincidentally,’ Barack Obama himself thought he needed to weigh in yesterday to rescue Himes’ positioning – and immediately grabbed the anvil and dropped himself into the deep end of the pool. The Connecticut Centinal again exposed the leftist attempted rescue gambit. See Obama’s letter HERE.  Put The Connecticut Centinal on your daily news-feed.

I really think neither Himes nor Obama even took the time to read any of these books – they’re probably simply swallowing their own leftist propaganda from CNN or MSNBC, which deceptively asserts the books are classics.
If you are a parent growing increasingly upset with any aspect of the radical Leftist agenda being driven by administrators through Connecticut’s schools, you can join like-minded, concerned parents in any one of the following groups in CT-4:
· [email protected]
· [email protected] 
· [email protected]
· [email protected]
·     DarienParents 
·     Connecticut Parents Involved in Education - FB page: 
The solid-citizens running these groups will help you spread the word, organize, and put the necessary pressure on the appropriate points in the system.
Should you choose to give Jim Himes a piece of your mind, you can respectfully voice your opinion of his summer reading recommendations by contacting his Stamford 203-353-9400 or Bridgeport 203-333-6600 office. Advise his staff that you disapprove of these subversive selections, which only support and advance the agenda of the radical and subversive Left. And you can follow my campaign to unseat Mr. Himes at
Jim Himes is NO Moderate

And he proves it every week!

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