Campaign Update
April 19, 2023
It seems every week Jim Himes provides another documented action which drives the question of just exactly who he ‘represents’ in congress.  On March 30th the House took up a vote on H.R. 1: Lower Energy Costs Act - Passed 225/204 Rep. Himes [D-CT4]: Nay. 
The purpose of the Bill is to lower energy costs by increasing American energy production, exports, infrastructure, and critical minerals processing, by promoting transparency, accountability, permitting, and production of American resources, and by improving water quality certification and energy projects, and for other purposes. The Bill has an extensive litany of actions which can be taken by the federal government, all in an effort to secure domestic energy abundance and U.S. energy independence.
But the Democrats, in service to the ‘Religion of Climate,’ voted AGAINST American energy independence.  Yet again in the first quarter of this year, Jim Himes has cast a vote against the core interests of the people he was elected to represent. The U.S. consumer economy runs on cheap energy.  It heats our homes, propels out cars and trucks, and has kept the costs of producing consumer goods reasonable for decades. Today, as we know by simply observing reality, our lifestyle is slipping away – and it is all an intentional effort by our ruling Democrat political elite, within which Jim Himes stands front and center.
This vote is central to Jim Himes’ push, in concert with the visible radicals of his Party, to impose the Green Nightmare upon us – treating us as his SUBJECTS rather than his constituents.  Their agenda of Shrinking American Life is coming into clearer focus with every passing week.  With one hand they are pushing us into electric vehicles, which merely moves the emissions from the tailpipe to the power plant - while with the other they are definitively restricting the fuel supply on which those very power plants depend. 
We can all see where this leads – general brownouts, and regular targeted blackouts for the electric vehicle charging networks.  Our lives could be idled whenever they choose.  Without a massive buildup of electric generating capacity now, this dystopic future looms over the horizon for us all.  
As a Representative, Jim Himes was hired to vote on our behalf.  But his voting record demonstrates he does not represent the interests of the citizens of CT-4.  The next election will be a referendum on this man’s 14-year tenure.  We need to restore authentic representation in congress.
                      Jim Himes is NO Representative
Please re-circulate this message to any and all who are interested...or should be.
Help is on the way,

Bob MacGuffie
Candidate for Congress