Campaign Update
March 28, 2023
On Friday there was another very telling House vote which clearly illuminates just whose side of our community Jim Himes is on.  Every Democrat, including Jim Himes, voted AGAINST H.R. 5: Parents Bill of Rights Act.  But the Bill passed: 212 vs 207. See the Bill's details here:  Prospects in the Senate are highly uncertain at best, because of the almost even partisan split in the body.
The Bill requires schools to publicly disclose the contents of their curriculum and library materials, including a complete list of books, to parents.  In addition, the Bill establishes the right of parents to see their children’s schools’ expenditures.  The Bill also ensures that parents are notified of, and give consent to, any medical procedure performed on their child on school grounds. Simply straight-forward disclosures.
This Federal Bill is clearly focused on assuring transparency, and leaves all decisions at the local level, closest to the parents and community, where they rightfully belong.  Democrats naturally deployed their usual specious ‘false-premise’ and ‘straw-man’ arguments, claiming 'book-banning' and the usual ‘phobia’ claims of the day. 
Jim Himes, himself a master of the false-premise and straw-man argument, again sided with the tight clique of teacher union leadership and the organized American Left, which is driving their destructive agenda forward.  He will no-doubt repeat these canards in the coming days, gaslighting the teachers and us, his constituents, as he has done all too easily up to now.  Don't be fooled by his smooth-spoken deceptions.
You can get involved and join the Fairfield County parents’ rights movement via these links: Greenwich Patriots or Moms for Liberty.
And be sure to call his Stamford 203-353-9400, or Bridgeport 203-333-6600 office, and respectfully and succinctly advise his staff of your disapproval with this vote, or his failure to Denounce the Horrors of Socialism (H.Con.Res. 9)......or any other in the stack of such votes he has taken against the interests of the citizens of CT-4.
                             Jim Himes is NO Moderate

Please re-circulate this message to any and all who are interested.
Help is on the way,

Bob MacGuffie
Candidate for Congress