Campaign Update
June 20, 2023
In January, news leaked from the Commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commissioner, Rich Trumka that banning residential home gas stoves was under consideration. Jim Himes made one of his patented dismissive gratuitous statements at the time, that such a notion was all a part of a ‘conspiracy theory’ and nothing of the sort was under consideration. In recent years, so much of what’s labeled ‘conspiracy theories’ are simply time-release news stories, validated just a few months later...or even sooner.
On May 2nd, NY Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law a ban preventing gas stoves from being installed in new residential buildings, validating the January concerns. 
As a result of the NY law and similar actions in other states, Republican congressional leadership proposed H.R.1640 Save Our Gas Stoves Act
The Bill is an effort to prevent the Secretary of Energy from enacting any federal regulations prohibiting or impairing the use of residential gas stoves. And yes - Jim Himes voted AGAINST it! 
If you believe we need to replace this man who DOES NOT represent even the most basic rights and interests of his constituents in CT-4, I would ask you to please contribute to my campaign to unseat Jim Himes at this link: DONATE
As my updates on his voting record just this spring have illustrated, he consistently votes to advance the Democrats' radical leftist agenda, which seeks to control every aspect of our lives. Mr. Himes’ voting record demonstrates weekly that he is completely aligned with the Democrat agenda of the Shrinking of American Life
We do not have to put up with this insanity! A donation of any size will help. Please don’t think that if you can’t make a large contribution that it’s not worth making ANY contribution. I promise a full-spectrum offense against Mr. Himes’ legacy of debilitating votes against the interests of the solid-citizens of CT-4. But I need your help. 
I’m running lean-and-mean, and will focus every one of your dollars on ending this man’s 14+ year rule. If you’d buy me a beer for my efforts, please make an equivalent contribution to my campaign. June is the end of the 2nd quarter and I’m trying to post a respectable fundraising number – please contribute what you can.
You can make a donation right here: DONATE

Thank you so very much – and remember – 

                      Jim Himes is NO Moderate
Please re-circulate this message to any and all who are interested...or should be.
Help is on the way,

Bob MacGuffie
Candidate for Congress