Campaign Update
March 14, 2023
This is the first of regular updates my campaign will be providing on recent House votes Jim Himes has cast. Since his voting record is something he never references while appearing in the 4th District, we instead, will be highlighting it regularly! Please re-circulate these advices to any and all who need to know the record of their ‘Representative.’
This week we highlight a vote taken in the House on 2-2-23. The vote was straight-forward, indicating that you agree to Denounce Socialism as an economic, political and cultural system. The vote Passed 328 to 86. All the Republicans and over 100 Democrats voted to “denounce socialism,” but Jim Himes was one of 86 who could not bring himself to simply denounce the socialist system. 
The vote speaks for itself – Jim Himes is not the ‘Moderate’ he professes to be while presenting himself in the District. See the vote count and supporting info here:

Hearst Media Coverage of my Campaign Launch
Hearst covered my launch with an article in CT Insider, CT Post, Shelton Herald, and Fairfield Citizen. The article was a fair assessment and can be seen here: CT Insider

In liberty,
Bob MacGuffie
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