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YouTube has come to Empowered Living Ministries

       Believe it or not Sally has become somewhat Techy in the field of videos. I have had a lot of help and coaching but the bottom line is: ELM has its own YouTube Channel ... Jim & Sally Hohnberger is our name.

       The Benefits to you? I have put up the "Escape to God" 7 DVD series and you can watch them all online, at your convenience, at no cost. You can put any of our messages up on your blog site or website that have been meaningful to you, to share with others.

       If this interests you type in "" then in the search field type in "Jim & Sally Hohnberger". This will pop up a large number of videos by us. Scroll down the list until you see Jim & Sally Hohnberger CHANNEL > click on our name and this brings you to our channel. The playlist "Escape to God" is right there for you to select which message you'd like to watch at your leisure.

       Next you have the opportunity to subscribe to our channel. To subscribe means you will be notified as we periodically put up new messages or series for your viewing benefit.    
       The series, "Escape to God" shows God as a very Real and Personal God interested in your life, your trials, your character responses today. Jesus wants to walk and talk with you as with a friend to direct your steps. He wants to indwell and empower you with Divine power to accompany your choice and cooperation to be His child. Jim shares his experience in learning to take God's word as Supreme authority over his life. The wrestling to understand God's leading in his life. He discovered that following God was far different than following religion.

       "It's About Walking With God" 
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Jim & Sally Hohnberger 
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