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Welcome to Da Coach's Corner for August 2023

The purpose is to inform, inspire and have a little fun along the way.

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True Confession A hot and humid July day had me dragging, so on a whim I went to an air-conditioned theater to see a matinee. Guess which one: Oppenheirmer? Mission Impossible? Indiana Jones? Nope -- BARBIE. It's a laugh-out-loud spoof with lots of gags geared to adults. If you see it lemme know if you were tickled pink like I was.

Well Deserved I hope this isn't the highlight of the Cubs' season but CONGRATS to their radio broadcaster since 1995, Pat Hughes, who was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame last month. Pat's lively play-by-play calls are how I follow the team because I don't have cable TV. (How do you think I'm able to read 50 books a year?)

Need Summer Recipes? Here are my home-made summer specialties: Chipotle salsa, guacamole and margaritas. Bring these to a party if you wanna be a crowd pleaser.

Gone But Not Forgotten Who besides me remembers the zany Chicago am radio DJ Dick Biondi (1932 - 2023)? He ruled the teenage listening crowd in the early 1960's and was the credited as first DJ in America to play a Beatles record. I spent just about every school night hugging my transistor radio that was tuned in to his show.

PS -- Ukraine There is no big update -- hopefully there will be good news next month. Why do I post every month about this war? Because global democracy is at stake -- IT MATTERS TO ALL OF US. You can donate to the Ukrainian people here. ❤️ Or, you can buy a Ukraine candle -- all proceeds go to a not-for-profit there. 🇺🇦

Book Recommendations I read 50+ non-fiction books a year -- it's where I find ideas to help my clients grow their business. I get them (free!) out of my local library. Below are the ones I read this past month. (Note: To comply with FTC regulations, as an Amazon Associate I earn a commission if you order any from the links below.)

Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing A breezy history of money, from ancient IOU's to Bitcoin, and how often misunderstanding it caused all kinds of trouble.

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World I had no idea that Genghis Khan and his descendants had such a profound impact on the world with an empire that eventually stretched from China in the east to India, Russia and Persia. Among the many innovations they evolved were international trade expansion, shared knowledge, technological advancement, religious tolerance and intermingled cultures.

100 Places to See After You Die: A Travel Guide to the Afterlife Jeopardy host Ken Jennings irreverently describes 100 places you may wind up when your earthly journey ends. His advice: Make a reservation early -- the best places will book up quick.

Awaken Your Genius: Escape Conformity, Ignite Creativity, and Become Extraordinary If you need a reminder of why you need to travel to the beat of your own drum Ozan Varol will provide it.

Rocky Mountain High: A Tale of Boom and Bust in the New Wild West Here's a rollicking tale about one man's pursuit of riches in Colorado's Green Rush. Author Finn Murphy winds up like all boom speculators in history but it's a helluva ride.

Rock Concert: An Oral History as Told by the Artists, Backstage Insiders, and Fans Who Were There For rock concert fans, the title of this one says it all.

The Four Workarounds: How the World's Scrappiest Organizations Tackle Complex Problems Get creative by using piggybacking, loopholes, roundabouts and next best alternatives to get past any challenges you may face.

Financial Advisors I coach Financial Advisors around the country to help them grow their clientele. I always want to meet FA's, branch managers and/or fund wholesalers anywhere in the US. Your introductions are greatly appreciated. 


Audio Recommendation Want great ideas from Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and other personal development superstars? You can always go to Nightingale.com for hundreds of hours of motivational/inspirational/educational audios to help you stay on track with success.

Contribution  There are lots of ways you can "Pay It Forward" for good karma. If you want to contribute to a military veteran's transition to a civilian job like I do, sign on as an advisor with ACP AdvisorNet.org. Also, the American Red Cross will always welcome you to donate blood.


Healing Thoughts If you would be so kind, please take a moment to send healing energy as I do daily to individuals you know who have serious health challenges or are dealing with difficult circumstances. Every positive thought helps, thanks.

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