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Welcome to Da Coach's Corner for July 2023

The purpose is to inform, inspire and have a little fun along the way.

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Happy 247th Birthday USA! To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the decline of America have been greatly exaggerated. Do we have challenges going forward? Yes. But we've ALWAYS had challenges, right from the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. Think we're gonna crumble now? Forgettaboutit!

R.I.P. My condolences to the families, friends and associates of the 5 crew members aboard the ill-fated OceanGate Titanic dive. Apparently the vessel imploded on the first day it lost contact, meaning the crew was spared a slow death due to lack of oxygen. My friend and former submarine captain Brad McDonald went on Fox to share his insights on what might have happened. You may question why people do things this risky. The answer is the same as people who try to climb Everest, skydive, bungee jump, run ultra-marathons, etc. They are the ones who always want to push the envelope of human achievement -- although not for me, I can't judge them harshly.

Mutiny? The mercenary Wagner Group led, by Yevgeny Prigozhin, shook up the occupation of Ukraine with a mini-insurrection against Russia. While resolved quickly and we don't know the final outcome, it's certainly a black eye for Vladimir Putin. Why do I post every month about this war? Because global democracy is at stake -- IT MATTERS TO ALL OF US. You can donate to the Ukrainian people here. ❤️ Or, you can buy a Ukraine candle -- all proceeds go to a not-for-profit there. 🇺🇦

"Drivers: Start Your Engines!" After much hoopla, NASCAR is coming to Chicago this weekend. Should be a great spectacle, although it will add thousands of people to an already typically crowded July 4th weekend. If you're attending, enjoy! But be prepared to wade through massive crowds by the course. (Me? I'll catch it on TV.)

Could This Be The Last Time? The first post-Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead incarnation toured in the late 1990's. There have been a number of lineup changes since then, even a Fare Ye Well "final tour" in 2015. Then right after that they hooked up with John Mayer to form Dead & Company. I attended their Friday night Wrigley Field show on this band's final tour, a 3+ hour musical extravaganza. Is it over? Maybe ask Bluto ...

Book Recommendations I read 50+ non-fiction books a year -- it's where I find ideas to help my clients grow their business. I get them (free!) out of my local library. Below are the ones I read this past month. (Note: To comply with FTC regulations, as an Amazon Associate I earn a commission if you order any from the links below.)

Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and The Community There is a labor shortage in the US. Author Jeffrey Korzenik makes a compelling case for how certain people with criminal records can fill the gap.

Why Motivating People Doesn't Work ... And What Does My job as a coach is to help people discover their own motivation. This book lets leaders know how do this on an organizational level by promoting Choice, Connection and Competence.

The Watchmaker's Daughter: The True Story of World War II Heroine Corrie ten Boom Corrie ten Boom literally saved many lives through her WW2 Dutch resistance and subsequent efforts, which she attributed all to her unshakable Christian faith.

How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question Need a discourse on philosophical approaches to problems? Comedy writer Michael Schur (who created a show I admit I have never watched called The Good Place) will have you ponder right vs. wrong thoughts and actions while having you laugh out loud in the process.

Never Finished: Unshackle Your Mind and Win the War Within Need a boost to your self-motivation? David Goggins, author of the best-seller Can't Hurt Me, has completed astounding physical achievements that may inspire you to take on more.

Financial Advisors I coach Financial Advisors around the country to help them grow their clientele. I always want to meet FA's, branch managers and/or fund wholesalers anywhere in the US. Your introductions are greatly appreciated. 


Audio Recommendation Want great ideas from Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and other personal development superstars? You can always go to Nightingale.com for hundreds of hours of motivational/inspirational/educational audios to help you stay on track with success.

Contribution  There are lots of ways you can "Pay It Forward" for good karma. If you want to contribute to a military veteran's transition to a civilian job like I do, sign on as an advisor with ACP AdvisorNet.org. Also, the American Red Cross will always welcome you to donate blood.


Healing Thoughts If you would be so kind, please take a moment to send healing energy as I do daily to individuals you know who have serious health challenges or are dealing with difficult circumstances. Every positive thought helps, thanks.

To Your Success --
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