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Welcome to Da Coach's Corner for March 2023

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Moment of Silence Please R.I.P. Eddie. We adopted him in 2012, had 10+ great years with him. In September, 2021 he developed congestive heart failure (incurable), was on medication to control it. He was doing OK for a while but last month he stopped eating, a sure sign that his time was up. Eddie was a wonderful guy: Affectionate, playful, a 100% unconditional love machine. He'll always be in our hearts ❤️.

Late Bloomer Jimmy Carter, our 39th President, is now in hospice care. He may not have had the most successful presidency but became a true inspiration for his tireless work with Habitat for Humanity for 35+ years. We could use more like him today.

Solidarity  Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky got a "secret" February visit in Kiev from President Joe Biden, confirming the bond between our two countries in standing for democracy. You can donate to the Ukrainian people here. ❤️ Or, you can buy a Ukraine candle -- all proceeds go to a not-for-profit there. 🇺🇦

Bye Bye Kaner After 16 seasons, the rebuilding Chicago Blackhawks have traded Patrick Kane, who helped them win three Stanley Cups. He is considered the best US-born player of all time. I admit I am a fair-weather fan but there was plenty of excitement watching Kane and his teammates play great hockey during their Cup runs. In sports, like life, all things must pass. But Kane will always be a Blackhawk.

Book Recommendations  I go through at least 50 non-fiction books (including audio books) a year to find ideas to help my clients grow their business. Below are the ones I read this past month. (Note: To comply with FTC regulations, as an Amazon Associate I earn a commission if you order any of the books below.)

The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams Founding father Thomas Jefferson said if there was any leader of the Revolution, "Samuel Adams was the man." This in-depth bio depicts Samuel Adams as the ultimate rabble-rouser for American independence. You'll never again think about the beer company named for him after you read it.

The Bezos Blueprint: Communication Secrets of the World's Greatest Salesman Want to become a better leader? Then hone your communication skills (writing & speaking) like Jeff Bezos has over his career.

A-List Angels: How a Band of Actors, Artists, and Athletes Hacked Silicon Valley Sports & entertainment stars, including Ashton Kutcher, Shaq and Lady Gaga, figured out that owning equity in a start-up was better than being a "wage slave" on salary.

Never Ride a Rollercoaster Upside Down: The Ups, Downs, and Reinvention of an Entrepreneur A memoir by Jeff Smulyan, who literally started 24-hour sports talk radio in 1987. He shares that it wasn't all peaches and cream in his 40+ year career.

This Is Your Mind on Plants Writer Michael Pollan describes the effects of three psychoactive plants: One legal (coffee) and two illegal (opium & mescaline).

Financial Advisors I coach Financial Advisors around the country to help them grow their clientele. I always want to meet FA's, branch managers and/or fund wholesalers anywhere in the US. Your introductions are greatly appreciated. 


Audio Recommendation Want great ideas from Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins and other personal development superstars? You can always go to Nightingale.com for hundreds of hours of motivational/inspirational/educational audios to help you stay on track with success.

Contribution  There are lots of ways you can "Pay It Forward" for good karma. If you want to contribute to a military veteran's transition to a civilian job like I do, sign on as an advisor with ACP AdvisorNet.org. Also, the American Red Cross will always welcome you to donate blood.


Healing Thoughts If you would be so kind, please take a moment to send healing energy as I do daily to individuals you know who have serious health challenges or are dealing with difficult circumstances. Every positive thought helps, thanks.

To Your Success --
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