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Jim had a Serious Accident
Need Your Prayers

Well Monday we went up to our MT home in the North Fork to shovel off 3+feet of snow as our home has not sold as yet. We have 4 foot on the level of snow on the ground, so we trudged through waist deep snow to attempt shoveling off the greenhouse. Well after 3 hours of intense work Jim fell through the top of the greenhouse roof on an area that has plastic over it. Somehow he didn't see it. In the fall he broke his back in 2 places--one unstable, 2 ribs were fractured, and fractured his sternum on the way down as he fell 16 feet.

It was a tremendous feat to get him out of the greenhouse with a broken back from our MT wilderness setting. I am so thankful Matthew was there with us--a God sent and our HERO. I never could have gotten Jim out of there myself. Matthew had to go to 3 neighbors before he found someone home and this person had a game sled--a very large--very sturdy toboggan like tub. We shuffled him out of the greenhouse and we gently laid Jim into that sled. Matthew on his hands and knees pushed him in the sled through 4 feet of snow across the yard then down that back walkway (a very steep hill) to the road. A neighbor drove Jim laying down in his vehicle to the emergency room in Kalispell. I went with him and attended him on the way down.

With all the movement and transfers God blessed and he has no paralysis or complications due to our moving him. PTL! He is in a lot of pain still. They did an MRI Tuesday Feb 18th and they casted his upper body for a brace he will wear. The brace was not successful to stabilize his fractures so we will be having surgery come Friday Feb 21st. He will be in the hospital for about a week then a week or so here at Matthew's house and then we can attempt to drive 1000 miles back home to CO. God is Sovereign over all tragedies that befall us and this is no exception. We are doing our best to cooperate to TRUST God and not slip to depression or giving up.

I'm sure God has some sort of blessing in disguise here. I look forward to seeing what that might be. God is Sovereign over even this. We ask for your prayers in this recovery and healing process.

Mighty Blessings to you today,
Sally & Jim  

Jim hospital
   Please pray for Jim's healing