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                Jim's tumor is returning

In December, by means of a digital exam, it appeared Jim's prostate tumor was returning. So Jim considered alternative options. He researched a therapy called Focal Cryoablation. It is a fancy term for a very precise freezing technique with very minimal side effects. However, if the Dr is off in the slightest he can create other problems, because -40 degrees C is unforgiving. Thus he must be very skilled in this procedure with exact precision. For other organs are nearby.

This story is rather interesting. Jim being resourceful, managed to get the cell phone number of the Dr that originated this procedure and called him directly. The Dr was golfing in FL and Jim asked many questions. The Dr emphatically stated, "Don't let just anyone do this procedure as it is very technical and needs precision, skill, and experience." The Dr asked where Jim lived. He indicated, "You are a very lucky man as Dr Crawford, who learned this procedure from me, lives in Denver and is an expert in this procedure. I highly recommend him." By the way how did you ever get my cell number?

The Secret ingredients are God's providence, and Jim's perseverance. We do believe God directed our steps in answer to Jim's needs and His providence lead to open doors for this procedure.

Jim is scheduled for this Focal Cryoablation Procedure on Tuesday Feb 28th at 7:30am MST by Dr Crawford as an out patient at the University of Colorado Hospital. Your PRAYERS are requested. This procedure is very low in side effects, like 5% chance of incontinence and a small chance of impotency. Recovery is suppose to be short.

 All the natural treatments we did over 9 months were not wasted, it reduced the tumors that they could not be seen on MRI, but they were not strong enough to eliminate the cancer for Jim. Had we known about this at the beginning, we likely would have done this procedure first and followed up with all the natural treatments. But that is hindsight. We pray this will allow us to put this cancer behind us and to focus on the work God has called us to.

Please PRAY with us, that our God will be with Dr Crawford's skilled and experienced hands, guiding him to be precise, thorough and accurate. That by His grace there will be no unexpected side effects from this procedure.

Desiring Your Prayers,
Jim & Sally

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