Forget Me Nots
Request for Prayer
"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."
3 John 1:2
            Hello dear friends! We come to you with some shocking news and a request for prayer of healing from our Heavenly Father. Three weeks ago Jim got the news that he has Prostate Cancer!! We went to our Dr for a simple check up, and Jim's blood test revealed a high PSA, which he followed up with a Urologist exam, and his evaluation indicated a need for a biopsy. That biopsy revealed cancer. His Gleason score was an 8 out of 10 making him high risk. The Urologist then ordered a Bone Scan, which indicated no metastasis there. We are waiting for an MRI to determine if it has gone into the lymph or other organs.
            This is a shock as you can well imagine considering our long-term, simple life, good diet, abundant exercise, and lifestyle. Amazingly Jim feels very good and he is well able to climb mountains with a backpack and hike multiple times a week with plenty of energy and muscle. We both typically enjoy arduous hiking unusual for our age and are still hard workers. Considering Jim has no weakness or symptoms of any kind to indicate anything but good health, this makes the news a double shocker.
            Of course we were offered the standard fare of surgery--chemo--radiation and or hormone therapy. But there are terrible side effects to these treatments. And there is a hidden 82% likelihood of recurrent cancer elsewhere even if you take these measures. Not to mention the addition of the horrific side effects of the treatment.
            God was very good to us. Earlier this year we read a book on cancer cures and the many varied options there are out there to treat cancer in ways that are natural and have no side effects, yet kills the cancer while preserving your immune system and healthy cells and tissue. God says before you call He will answer. He sure did! So with the diagnosis we began an intense process of research of these types of clinics, Dr's, various approaches used in the US and outside the US. We talked to many people who have gone this alternate route before us. We read and researched this issue from both sides of the equation. Thus we came to our current conclusion and direction.
            We chose the cancer clinic "Nature Works" near Phoenix, AZ. Dr Huber has statistics of all her clinic's patients' treatments and their success rate is 93% for all who follow their protocol. They do IV Vitamin C therapy, along with 6 other protocols unique to your specific needs. Did you know that Vitamin C kills cancer cells while it protects the good cells? These treatments interest us because they build the immune system, kill cancer cells but does not harm the rest of your body.
            Jim and I prayed and discussed all the options and decided we wanted to treat the body systemically not just a gland or organ specifically. The chances for micro-metastasis is 82% likelihood according to our Urologist. So we want a whole system treatment to hopefully avoid recurrent cancers.
            We ask for your prayers as we go forward to rid Jim's body of this enemy. One miracle that God has already performed is Jim was on the waiting list for this clinic and there was a cancellation. We leave CO June 6 th and start with his evaluation and 3 months of treatment on the 7 th. Please join us in this fight against cancer as God brings us to mind. Thank you for being part of our family in this way!! Jim's prayer is simple. "Lord Heal Me and Use Me!"
God is Still in Control,
Jim & Sally

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