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At the University of Colorado Hospital they do things very timely and with precision. Both Jim and I were impressed. It is a very large hospital and for every professional there is a student at hand being taught. Checked in 5:15 am as an outpatient. I could attend Jim to the pre-op room where anesthesia, nurses, Dr's and technicians all attended Jim in preparation for this Focal Cryoablation to take place. Jim asked a couple people if Dr Crawford was a Christian? In spite or working with him many years no one knew.

Jim had four people at one time asking him questions when Dr Crawford entered. Since Jim was busy the Dr and I talked. He told me what to expect and let me ask my questions. He turned to leave and I said, "Oh Dr Crawford, Jim has a question for you before you leave."

Jim's attention was diverted to the Dr and invited him to come to the bedside, and asked him if he might pray for him for the procedure this morning? The Dr said yes. Taking the Dr's hand Jim had a beautiful dedicatory prayer for Dr Crawford thanking the Lord for his skills and heart and asked the Lord for His hands to accompany the Dr's and bless this procedure. 

Dr Crawford appeared a little awkward in this process, this was not standard procedure I believe. After the prayer the doctor grinned and said, "Well I went to church last Sunday but after a prayer like that and all it covered, I won't need to go to church next Sunday for sure." And he walked out with a lively step. How cute was that!!
The Focal Cryboalation went well. Dr Crawford talked with me (Sally) after the procedure and said everything went well. There were no complications. He was pleased. He is German and very focused; yet he was very kind and unhurried with me, answering each of my questions. He said, "Jim will be a while yet in surgery until he thaws out before they can send him to recovery." The procedure uses -40 C temperatures, and he literally had to thaw out.

Jim was in the operating room long after I saw Dr Crawford. After a few hours I saw Jim in the recovery room. He was very comical as he looked very much awake but he wasn't all there yet. He had the nurses and myself in stitches at times. He was very preoccupied with the catheter he had and didn't like it. Everyone treated us with the utmost kindness and professional care like family. I never would have expected that considering it from a large institution but it was.

We left Denver about 1:30 that afternoon. I was glad when we covered the 2 mountain passes with their blowing snow and cold temperatures which encompassed one long hour. The remaining 4 hours were mostly dry roads--Praise the Lord. Jim wanted to drive but I kept saying no--You just rest.

Jim was glad to be home, we settled in and he slept fairly well his first night. He promised to work on resting and being quiet. The catheter was his main discomfort and he so looked forward to that coming out in 3 days. I called the nurse with a few questions that came up and confirmed the catheter to come out. She said, "Oh no, that needs to be in 10-14 days." She explained; early removal often requires it to be re-inserted due to swelling and the inability to void. She contacted the Dr and confirmed yes 10 days. So Jim is chained to his bag.

My Jim is very comical about such things. He was disappointed to say the least but submitted. He said he understands why a ring in the bull's nose lets him be led about so easily.

We will see the Dr in 3 months and at that time discuss when we can do the blood tests to see the results of this procedure. We must wait for all the inflammation and healing to take place first in order for the tests to be accurate. So now we wait and heal. Appreciate your continued prayers.

A Word about Sally:
 I'm coming along with my broken wrist healing. Dr & PT say I'm ahead of schedule for my break and way ahead for my age. Thank you Lord. Jim and I are a really cute team doing dishes or whatever with each, our shortcomings and inabilities, but together we are "Wow". Together with God we can do most anything!! Nothing needs to daunt us.

God is In Charge here,
Jim & Sally
Oh--to be Mobile Again!
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