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Update on Jim's health # 8

On Monday July 7th we had a discussion with Jim's Neuro-surgeon. It's been 5 months since his accident and he has absolutely "no pain" for 4 of those months. He is still restricted as to bending, lifting and twisting. Presently Jim rides his bike--almost every day. He goes on an 8 mile hike gaining 2,200 feet of elevation typically exploring in the San Juant Mountains twice a week. He takes me (Sally) for a 15 minute walk twice a day. So he is doing all he can to stay in shape and help himself heal TRUSTING in God's blessings to his efforts.

His Surgeon says that due to his being very healthy, thin and active before his injury and maintaining the same since, this has been a HUGE factor to his amazing recovery. We would add that God's blessing has been over his healing and many thanks to all your prayers in his behalf.

Jim is presently scheduled for surgery hopefully the end of October to early November in Montana to have the 2 rods and 10 screws removed from his back. If Jim continues to be "good" and "not overdo" to avoid any further injuries, he should be good as ever after the surgery recovery time. I'm keeping a close watch on him!! I have threatened to use the dog shock collar on him but have not needed to as he has been open to instructions, being sensible that I have not needed to apply this outward restraint. :) ... I'm so proud of him!! And I'm so thankful to God as Jim's physician.


Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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