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Jim's Healing Update #4

Tuesday Feb 25th Jim left the hospital and we moved in with Matthew & Angela. Their  
3 children smothered us with smiles, love and affection. Just the distraction we needed! Andrew's family smothered us with the joy and excitement of childhood pleasantries as well. And Andrew did all the carpentry items for our move in by raising the bed securely, put up grab bars, set up a seat in the shower and helped with as-sundry such items to make us comfortable.
       Jim was delighted to be delivered from the hospital to a home setting. Only 4 days post surgery Jim was still weak, tired, and had developed a terrible rash from the pain meds that continues to plague him. We are trying a number of natural remedies instead of steroids and such. Please pray for God's healing hand here especially. This rash has spread over his entire trunk front and back causing a great deal of grief. We seek God as our Primary care physician.

Wednesday Feb 26th Matthew & Andrew took the boys and went up the North Fork to shovel the remaining snow off the greenhouse roof and front. So our boys completed the job where Jim fell and rehearsed God's miracle of deliverance. What a show of God's mercy and protective hand to shuffle Jim out of the greenhouse without causing paralysis in this move. To place Jim's broken body into the deer sled; then exit Jim across the 4 feet of snow to a steep down hill path to the road without mishap or further injury to Jim is a miracle! That story will go with us for life. Jim's strength is increasing, sleeping a lot during the day but little at night. Sat up at his computer to read his own emails and do bills. This is wonderful! Thank you Lord!

Thursday Feb 27th Saw the general doctor and Jim's oxygen was reduced and we can discontinue when we are ready. Jim showed off in the office how well he could scoot around with his walker. The Doctor laughed and found his oxygen level very good. His strength continues to increase thanks to all your prayers for a speedy recovery. He is doing so well and we thank the Lord for such strides in healing. I'm thankful for the healthy diet and life style we adopted 30 years ago at God's impetus. The rash continues to rage relentlessly.

Friday Feb 28th We both got a bit down today but our son Matthew was right there with smiles and encouragements to look on the bright side. Everyone has their limits to endurance of these things and then the only out is to turn to God, let go of the pity party, victim mentality and choose to TRUST God and be willing to wait once again knowing God will turn what was meant to destroy by the devil into a blessing. We took a two hour car ride to see his toleration for the long drive home to CO. He did excellent. Return to Matthew's for a treat of all 7 grandchildren playing before us to brighten our souls. Family is so wonderful to a weary soul. Doing a lot of natural treatments to the rash with small results. Praying for blessings.

Saturday March 1st Jim's breathing is excellent without oxygen even while walking stair or any exertion. His rash has taken a notable turn for the better. God is blessing all we are doing and it brings hope as the itch still remains. God with us is enough--just not always an easy choice but a necessity one to keep our attitudes up and not down.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, words of encouragement and emotional support. We are deeply grateful. Jim has not arrived but he is well on his way to healing--Praise God again. We have an appointment on Monday with our neurosurgeon Dr. Bishop. If he sees Jim's back and fractures as stable we will be heading for CO Monday afternoon. That will be a joyful journey as there is "no place like home". We have been treated well here with family but there is nothing like your own home to heal long term in. If not or the weather is bad we will enjoy a few more days here with our dear ones. God knows best. We will TRUST Him! 

              Let's Go Skiing I can do it with my Walker & Brace ... Right? ... Just Kidding

Abundant Blessings & Thanks to each of you,
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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