Glacier Lake
"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."
Proverbs 23:7

            Jim had his surgery 10-28-2014 to remove the rods and screws. We drove to MT because we wanted Dr. Bishop-the neurosurgeon who placed the rods and screws to remove them. We have a great deal of confidence in Bishop's minimal intervention concepts for dealing with back injuries. He avoids fusions and we liked that!! We thank the Lord for providing us with his skills and techniques. There are only 2 such surgeons in all of MT and God's Providence chose Dr. Bishop to oversee Jim's accident in February 2014.


            The surgery and removal of 2 rods and 10 screws was very successful. The pencil in the picture gives you an idea of the size of the screws and rods. Jim went into the surgery with the mind-set that he would go home that evening after surgery. We prayed for God's blessings and had the approval of Dr. Bishop that if after post-op observation, he was alert, had good stats and doing well Jim could go home rather than stay the night in the hospital. But Dr. Bishop would make that determination post-op.


            Sallie was Jim's nurse that took care of Jim pre and post-op. She is a nurse of 48 years experience. She is an on top of it nurse! Jim told her he was going home that same evening. She was firm, decisive and said, "No one has ever had this surgery and went home that evening in the history of her 48 years of nursing in Kalispell hospital." She explained to him the highly unlikeliness of his going home until the next morning. Jim smiled saying, "Well maybe I'll be the first in your 48 years of experience, by God's grace."


             The surgery began about 12:45 and was completed in one hour. I met Jim on his return from the recovery room at 3:00pm and he was very alert and funny. He had his ice to suck on, then water, then juice and was up to the bathroom walking already. I guess the Bible is right;"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." Proverbs 23:7. What Jim believed he acted upon before and after anesthesia. Jim was a bit thick tongued for a while but very sharp and on top of everything mentally. Matthew-our son arrived and we laughed and laughed with Jim as he was so funny with so many comments and thoughts on his situation. Wish you all had been there. Matthew said, "He is under the influence." Sallie the nurse just laughed saying, "It's the anesthesia." Sally (me) said, "No he is very alert and accurate in all he is saying. He is just being himself and funny."


            The afternoon wore on, visitors came and went, Jim drank, ate, and walked to the bathroom again and again. Dr. Bishop came in to see how Jim was doing after the surgery. We had a lovely visit ... not just a Dr. patient visit but warm, tender, and sweet. Jim shared a book, which Dr. Bishop received gladly. They both talked how God brings two together not for the benefit of one but both. The last visitor left about 7:00pm and Jim made his plea to Sallie the nurse that he could go home. She checked his stats ... B/P 103/71, Pulse 71, Oxygen saturation 98%, then she conceded that he had permission to go home and yes, he was the exception of her 48 years of experience. Wishing each other the best we left for Matthew's home by 7:30pm. What a delight to Jim's mind and heart!!


            Jim was up and about with minimal pain enjoying both our son's families but especially the grandchildren's enthusiastic ways in both Matthew's and Andrew's homes. We were taken care of and cooked wonderful meals that we both put on weight this trip.  


           All too soon a week past, and a Dr.'s visit releasing us to travel home. Jim was doing so well he actually drove the majority of the 1,000 mile drive or 14 hours to our Colorado home. I was willing to drive more than several hours but Jim felt good and wanted to drive. I think he likes being in the driver's seat. What do you think?


            God is good and is seeing us through this final 3 months stage of healing. We ask you for your prayers when God brings us to mind. We thank Jesus for being our Great Physician. He can do anything!!


In Remarkable Recovery,

Jim & Sally Hohnberger

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