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Jim's Recovery Update # 5

March 4th & 5th ... We drove 1000 miles from MT to CO. Jim rode very well, was relatively comfortable but we stopped every couple hours on the long drive home. There is "No Place Like Home" to recover and recuperate. 
       Moving back into our home was a delight, we missed our Matthew & Andrew and families but there is something comforting about being in your own home still. Jim's pain was pretty high on the scale and although we tried many things nothing had much of an effect until we tried Tumeric around the 11th. It took a few days but his pain lessened from a level 6 out of 10 to a level 3 of pain. Jim can handle this pain level. 
       Yet Jim's greatest delight has been the regaining some independence in his personal care--showering and using the restroom alone! Oh the little pleasures of life!!


March 9th ... Andrew and his family arrived for a nice visit with us for one week. So appreciated the grandchildren being an enjoyable diversion for Jim from his pain and itching. Andrew grated our road with the tractor and did chores Jim could not do--in the attic, in the crawl space, on the roof ... what a treat!! We both enjoyed Andrew & Sarah and the grandchildren a great deal! Went on outings to the hot springs, museums, sharing Christ with a young couple in trouble and other points of interest.

March 12th ... Jim's rash subsided slowly with natural remedies. Sad to say when the rash was almost completely gone the itch still remained to drive him crazy. The brace seems to be the problem but he needs to wear it for 2 months. 
Sleep is difficult but he gets some rests in a lazy boy chair. Doing green drinks to boost his immune system. His attitude is very good. PTL!

March 18th ... Jim's strength has increased dramatically with our 2 weeks at home. We praise God for his quick recovery. He transfers every where well. His posture and mechanics are very good. I don't think the walker will be needed much longer. We'll see what the Dr. says. He enjoys taking his leisurely walks in the sunshine to the mailbox with walking sticks. It is only one month since the accident. Amazing Grace--right!!
       It appears we may have some natural remedies that are helping the itching. We are very hopeful but we need more time to see if it will be lasting and not temporary. God is good!
       Jim is not able to stand in one place for long without creating a good deal of back pain. We pray Time will heal this! He longs to run again but that will be in the far future. Patience is a virtue this healing process will grow. God is our ever present Physician.

       Many of you have been praying and inquiring on how Jim is doing and we thank you all for your prayers and continued interest. Your prayers and emotional support by email have been a part of Jim's quick recovery and we thank you all!
       God has blessed and is with us through this but human care is also a great comfort and encouragement. May God's blessings fall upon each of you in your trials, difficulties, and uncertainties for the kindness you have shown us. Know God is Sovereign over everything that enters yours and our life and TRUST Him no matter what. He is our God. He is fair and He is Loving in all that comes our way.
Mighty Blessings from Above upon you all,
Jim 1 month post-op
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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