Glacier Lake

Update on Jim's Recovery #6

April 14, 2014

       Well Jim and I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers!! His recovery has been Extra-Ordinary and Particularly Swift in answer to your prayers. God is a good God even in the trials life doles out to us. The temptations to doubt or enter a pity-party are always there. We must choose to TRUST God over and over. We thank God for your prayers and His grace to accomplish his recovery to where Jim is currently!
       Just this week we heard the desired words from our neurosurgeon Dr Bishop, "Fantastic!" We had x-rays taken here in CO and sent to MT 6 weeks post surgery.
He said ...
       All the hardware is in perfect placement x-rays are fantastic.
       The bones are not deteriorating but repairing well.
       Keep doing what you are doing!
       In 1 week Jim can begin to remove the front and back brace use.
       He can begin to lift up to 40 pounds.
              I (Sally) have not let him lift much of anything so far!
       Be watchful of yourself not to bend or twist since you will be without a brace.
       Travel can increase but limit it so you don't overdo!
       Jim you are well ahead of normal recovery. Don't take chances!
       Jim I highly recommend you obey your wife when she corrects you! OUCH!
       I (Sally) have threatened to put an electric dog collar on Jim to keep him in
good behavior for healing. My brother Pat has recommended this to me with an advertisement he sent that promises training in 2 weeks for your pet using the "shock collar". Well Jim is truly my "Pet" so it does fit. My brother recommended other very funny things I won't repeat here, you can imagine them yourselves. But I have impressed upon Jim the necessity of taking heed to his wife's counsel in this remaining long healing process. He is doing quite well right now; so I will hold this option in reserve for now! :)
       Jim is doing so well--that I find him bending down with the sprinkler system to adjust it, or reaching to clean our irrigation ditch pipe without thinking. He is so happy to have some freedom from the brace as he weans off it. He feels so good, has no pain, just some back discomfort; so it is easy to be absent minded and without the brace to hinder and keep him straight it's easy to over-do for his personality. Having the brace on has created the perpetual rash and itching which has made him crazy at times. But the brace also restrains his movements within a small parameter, not allowing bending or twisting at all.
       Dear friends keep praying that the voice of God is loud and clear to keep Jim living within his limitations and he doesn't get too confident and reinjure himself. He now has a 7 month block of time he must wait until he will have surgery to remove the 2 rods and 10 screws from his back in November. I'll do my best and be his audible voice of restraint. Again thank you for your powerful prayers to the throne of Grace in Jim's behalf! We thank you too for God's hand and blessings.
       Just so you all know we will resume speaking in August in Bulgaria. September in GA. October in Oregon. November will be his surgery. December will be FL. Hope to see you somewhere along the trail.

Jim & Sally Hohnberger

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