Jim's response to “A Thought Provoking Question”
But first “My Personal Statement of Faith”
“Christianity is Christ. In Christ, regardless of denomination, there are only blood bought, born again, Spirit-led, Bible-believing Christians. Therefore, my creed is the Bible; my empowerment is Grace; my life is of faith; my salvation is in Christ alone; my denomination is Christ!”
Therefore I suggest that the answer to the question is quite simple. It is all those who live in accordance with God’s Word and are "UNDER GOD, IN CHRIST, and Guided by His SPIRIT!"
It is the assembly of those who have the Word of God, and are Purified by it. Truly “A Universal Entity” that anybody can be a part of. Gal. 3:26–28 A “SPIRITUAL BODY” of believers, not merely a worldly organization. Ephesians 1:22–23
His church are the “7000” who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal. Romans 11: 4,5 God’s true family is made up of all those who have surrendered all to Him–all who are allowing Jesus to live in them in the present, by means of His Spirit and His Word. John 4: 23, 24
 Are you one of them?
Blessings to you,
Jim & Sally
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