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Surgery Update

Jim's surgery went well. It took a full 6 hours to fix up all the injuries and stabilize the 2 fractured spines. Dr Bishop was very pleased with the way the surgery turned out. He is a young non-traditional surgeon and we thank God for his skills. For Jim the pain was excruciating when he came out of anesthesia. He was in ICU overnight post surgery due to his respiratory difficulties.


Saturday morning they stood Jim post surgery and went for a "little walk". Moving felt so good to Jim that they walked him out of ICU and to the elevator to return him to his former hospital room on another floor. I have not known many to walk out of ICU! That was a thrill for both of us. Jim was up several times on Sabbath and although this tired him out we are praising God! The lung tube has accomplished it's purpose and will come out Sunday and hopefully many if not all of the other tubes connected to him.  


So the future looks much brighter now with these strides of improvement. We recognize this will be a process but we are of good courage. His back seems very stable now and His brace gives additional confidence when moving, turning and walking. Pain management is not yet achieved but I trust in time this too will improve by the grace of God upon his healing.  


Thank you so much for your care, concern, prayers, and heart towards Jim's tragedy. We are trusting Jesus and appreciate your emotional support very much. Thank you for communicating with us.   


We thank God for you!

Jim & Sally   

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Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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