Mountain Summer

Jim's Update # 7

May 2, 2014 

       In celebration of Jim's being able to remove his brace he went on a hike into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park just 30 minutes from our home, two weeks ago. His hiking buddy was the pastor of the Montrose church, same age as Jim.
       The drive to the hiking spot was just absolutely terrible. He wore his brace in the car, had a pillow behind his back but wished he would have had a pillow under him as well. It was that bad. He hung on and swayed with the rugged road. But hiking was a very different story. Jim said he felt better after the hike then before. The hike was good for him and he did well without the brace. Recovery has taken another step forward.
       The second week with the brace off he went up to Grand Junction and hiked with Michael Duehrssen into the Colorado National Monument. They hiked for 4 hours and found this beautiful waterfall with a lovely pool of water. Jim said his back responds well to the natural outdoor exercise.
       We all praise God for Jim's remarkable recovery. It is just a little over 10 weeks post surgery.
       Jim wanted to send this to you in Thanks for all the prayers that have and are still going out on his behalf. If hiking continues to improve his strength and health it will be a tribute to all your prayers, natural remedies that Jim is continuing to take, God's healing hand, and Jim's continued attitude of gratitude for all of the above working in his healing process.
In His Wondrous Arms,



Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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