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"At the end of the day all that matters is love and memories so make sure you give it and make sure you make them." - Trent Shelton
In the last two weeks, I took my six year daughter and seven year old son on their first boat ride, and followed it up with their first fishing adventure. Both excursions were well received and will hopefully be repeated soon! While I have been on many boat rides and spent many hours as a child fishing, I had not done either in a very long time. I had forgotten how much fun these things really are. Some of my fondest memories are taking boat rides with my dad, fishing with his friends, and fishing all by myself on a lake near my childhood home. 

On our family boat, the kids were so excited in seeing the other boats and riding on the bow. My son pretended he was Jack Dawson in the movie Titanic. When we went fishing, it was great to show them how to bait the hook, cast the line and reel it back in. When the three of us caught the first fish, my daughter screamed in excitement and my son was quick to try to help me release the fish. It didn’t matter that the fish was only a two pound large-mouth bass. Selfishly, I was really excited to do some fishing after many, many years. As a family, while we fished, we talked about the fish we were trying to catch, the birds flying above us, as well as the nuances of using an artificial worm to try and catch bass. Most significantly, we were making great memories!

As my kids have gotten older, I am more cognizant of the importance of making and reliving great memories with them.  Our firm is a firm that places great emphasis on being well balanced lawyers and individuals. A very important part of that equation is being a great friend and family member. We consistently try to meld the joy in our personal lives with the joy in our professional lives. It makes us stronger as advocates and ensures that all of our priorities stay aligned with our goals. As this summer nears, we encourage you all to get outside with your loved ones and make some memories. You’ll be a better person and professional for it. 

Jimerson & Cobb participating in efforts to counteract workplace gender bias
On April 16, Charlie Jimerson had the privilege in participating in the National Conference of Women's Bar Association's GOOD Guys program hosted by the Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association (JWLA). A handful of law firm Managing Partners in Jacksonville sat on a panel to discuss such topics as: creating a business case for diversity; eliminating gender bias in the hiring process; creating opportunities for women to ascend to leadership positions or take positions of authority when working on casework; promoting equal pay; assisting women developing business; and diagnosing issues causing attrition. Charlie was honored as one of the “Good Guys” who have shown a commitment to supporting female lawyers and someone who can help address diversity issues in hiring, promotion, and pay decisions. The event was a sell out and packed with influencers in Jacksonville who joined in on the discussion on how men in leadership can be change agents for achieving gender equality in the legal profession. Read the full article in the Jax Daily Record
Kayla Haines Nominated to JWLA's 2018-2019 Board as Director of Membership
The Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association appointed Kayla Haines to the 2018-2019 Board as Director of Membership. This honor came after serving as co-chair for the Special Events Committee this past year where she was responsible for planning the organization's involvement in events around the area throughout the year, including the Young Lawyers Section's Annual Chili Cook-off. Well done, Kayla - you're making us proud! 
J&C Legal Blogs
Are you keeping up with the latest information in business and law? J&C publishes weekly blog posts covering topics from construction law, business litigation, eminent domain law, community associations law and everything in between. Click here to subscribe today and stay up-to-date on the latest legal news from these areas:

Construction Industry Law Blog

 and Evan Reid, JD Candidate

Construction worksites are frequently dangerous, and nobody wants to be on the hook for a subcontractor’s unsafe practices. It is increasingly common for construction contracts to require subcontractors to name general contractors as additional insureds in their insurance policies. The purpose of these additional insured provisions is to allocate the cost of defending claims that arise from the contract from the general contractor’s insurance policy to the subcontractor’s insurance policy. 

Click here to read the full blog post.
Business Litigation Blog

I initially wrote an Overview of Florida Law on Punitive Damages Claims in Business or Commercial Litigation a few years’ ago. This article is meant to build upon the information provided in my initial article. In Federal Court, there is no requirement to proffer evidence of punitive damages prior to seeking financial net worth discovery. It is really important to understand this concept because in Federal Court it is much more difficult to prevent financial discovery then in State Court.

 Click here to read the full blog post.
Community Association Law Blog
Caroline R. Nichols

The Florida Marketable Record Title to Property Act (“MRTA”) can operate to extinguish interests in real property that were recorded prior to the “root of title” to a property. In Florida, the root of title must be established by a “title transaction” recorded at least 30 years prior to the time that marketability of title is being determined. In plain English, if the Covenants and Restrictions for your Property Owners’ Association were recorded in the public records more than 30 years ago, they may no longer be enforceable against some or all of the properties within your community.

 Click here to read the full blog post.
Firm News
Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentric of Firm Biz
J&C shuts down to celebrate the Wahls becoming a
Party of Five (Officially)
The J&C family gained three more members last week! Congratulations to our very own Attorney Hans Wahl and his wife, Courtney, on the adoption of these three remarkable boys. The firm surprised the Wahl family by shutting down for a few hours to drive to Clay County and ensure that every employee of the firm was able to attend the hearing where the Wahls were awarded custody of the boys. Easiest call we ever made. Wild horses would not have kept us away.
It is so amazing that the entire universe conspired to help these boys find Hans and Courtney. Everywhere in nature we are taught the lessons of patience and waiting. If we are doing it right, we want things a long time before we get them. And the fact that we want them for a long time makes them all the more precious when they come. Some things, like these three miracles the Wahls now have, are worth the wait. The adoption has been hard for the Wahls, but the love has and will always be easy. 
J&C wishes the Wahl family all the best in life. They are a special bunch. They are comprised of people who chose each other. What a beautiful, lasting Valhalla. Thank you for allowing us to share in your day. We’ll never forget it.
Can You Win It In A Minute?
Last week, J&C had a fun afternoon of team building with a Minute to Win It games. The players had to complete the game within a minute (hence the minute to win it name). The games included:
Face the cookie- Each person had a cookie placed on their forehead and had to get it into their mouth without touching it with their hands. Charlie and Henry did it successfully! Those two must have had some experience sneaking cookies from their young children.
Stack Attack- Stacking 36 cups in a pyramid and then back down into a single stack. Henry was the only one that conquered this one in one minute. We learned we’re better at deconstructing construction projects than actual building.
Stack it Up- Players must stack 25 pennies in under a minute using their non dominant hand. Almost everyone was able to complete this one in a minute. For some reason the accounting department dominated this event.
Balloon Blows- Slide 15 plastic cups off the edge of a table using the air from an inflated balloon. Continue blowing up the balloon and squeezing the air out to send the cups flying until all of the cups have fallen. Sounds easy right? Chris was the only one that completed this challenge in a minute. Insert hot air joke here.
Pantyhose Bowling- A tennis ball is placed in the leg of the pantyhose. Players tie the pantyhose around their waste. The goal is to knock over the 6 water bottles within a minute. All managed to complete this task. No HR violations were reported, although it was touch and go for a while there. 

On Thursday, April 2nd J&C participated in " Light It Up Blue " for Autism Awareness. The office wore blue to honor and promote awareness and understanding of people with the developmental disorder. More than 3.5 million Americans fall somewhere on the autism spectrum, about 1 in 68 children in the U.S. are identified as having Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you would like to donate to the Light It Up Blue initiative, please click here .
J&C Turns Blue for Autism
Adam Edgecombe and the Young Lawyers Section of the Jacksonville Bar Association donate over $10,000 to Rethreaded

In February, 49 teams squared off to determine which had the best chili in a variety of categories in the Ninth Annual Young Lawyers Section Chili Cook-Off. The event allowed YLS to donate over $10,000 dollars to ReThreaded - a local charity specializing in renewing hope, reigniting dreams and releasing potential for survivors of human trafficking. In April, Adam Edgecombe, along with other YLS and JBA members, presented a check to Rethreaded. This money will immediately be put to good use to cultivate a safe, supportive environment where abused women can earn money, learn skills, recover and reintroduce themselves back to the community. 
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