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Readiness is the Mother of Luck- The Story of Scott Foster
Earlier in the year I came across an inspiring story that I thought would motivate us all and was worthy of sharing. As described in this NPR article , last year a 36 year old accountant by day, dad and beer league hockey player by night, got to live his dream for one moment in time as he was called in on a whim to play goalie for fourteen uneasy minutes for the Chicago Blackhawks. 

The NHL requires home teams to have two non-NHL goalies available at every game in case either team runs out of goaltenders. If that sounds too weird to be true, well, read a little bit about the story of Scott Foster, a Chicago accountant and regular beer leaguer who had seven saves worth of viral fame earlier this year for the Chicago Blackhawks ... in the middle of tax season. 

The Chicago Blackhawks use a rotating cast of emergency goaltenders. On March 29, 2018 Foster was on duty. Usually he arrives at the arena, heads right to the press box, eats a free meal of hot dogs and nachos and then heads home early to beat the traffic. On this night, Foster was driving from work to the United Center when he got urgent news. The Blackhawks' regular goaltender, Corey Crawford, had been out since December, and his replacement, Anton Forsberg, got hurt in warm-ups. Minor leaguer Collin Delia was called up earlier in the day to back up Forsberg, and now Delia was going to start. That means Foster was No. 2 in line, just in case. This moment felt a little different. He could really play tonight. As the team was warming up, the equipment guys were busy stitching his name onto his jersey. He had never even met the players on the team, let alone practiced with them. Now there was a chance he would become their centerpiece. Sure enough, when the starting goalie (Forsberg) was hurt in the final period, Foster got the call. The Blackhawks led 6-2 by the time Foster entered, with 14:01 remaining in the third. You can’t make this stuff up. 

All along though, Foster felt like it was his moment. Just kidding- he was in the thunder dome of athletic shock. No way this could be real and no way he was really getting asked to play in the NHL mere nights after playing in a recreational league comprised of guys with beer bellies. But he was a gamer. His first shot on goal came one minute in. By the third minute, he’s being fired on by the best player in hockey. Seconds felt like eras. Every shot felt like a running of the bulls. Regardless, Foster rose to the occasion. Save after save after save he stuffed the best the NHL had to offer. Kick saves, backhanders, you name it. The legend grew. The internet was abuzz. It was his time. He was ready for it. 

Foster ended up saving all seven shots he faced over 14 minutes to preserve a 6-2 win for the Blackhawks. By the end of the game, the 21,000-plus fans at the United Center began chanting his name. Foster, who worked a full 9-to-5 day that day, was named player of the game and became an instant hero to anyone who has ever been a has been (including yours truly). 

Naturally, the media rushed the locker room to speak with Foster, who changed at an empty locker adorned with a nameplate photoshopped by a Blackhawks media relations employee. When asked about his performance, Foster replied “You know, it's funny, you'd think there'd be a lot of pressure, but really, tomorrow I'm going to wake up, I'm going to button up my shirt, and I'm going to go back to my day job. So what pressure is there for me?” That’s so awesome. Just a normal guy like the rest of us schleps. Ten years removed from playing college hockey, he mused “I think I'm just about hitting my prime.” What. A. Legend. For all of us hopefuls who are still waiting for our chance to make the show, he let us know in deadpan form that if we “just keep grinding away in men's league, [and] eventually you'll get your shot.” I’m now spending Wednesday nights working on my slider and circle change-up. Don’t judge me. 

For months after the game Foster has declined media interview requests. Via a Blackhawks spokesperson, Foster says he just wanted to return to his normal life and "doesn't want to make it a bigger deal than it was." The Blackhawks fielded dozens of requests, from talk shows to national radio shows to TV stations in Turkey. Foster has said no to everything. Scotty Zeroes doing what Scotty Zeroes has done his entire career in the beer league. Team guy, just doing his job. Carpeing the heck out of that diem. I’m not sure what they pay emergency goalies, but the Scott Foster earned every penny that night. 

Slowly, the normalcy Foster sought returned. A week after becoming an international phenomenon, he started in net for his beer-league team, 200 x 85, and gave up six goals in a game that attracted local media. “Apparently, in front of 22,000 people at the United Center, I can keep it together, but 50 people at Johnny’s (IceHouse) make me crumble,” Foster said.

Scott Foster did what every one of us has wanted to do since we were a kid- live your dream for at least one day. He did it and got the opportunity to go back to his normal life without sacrificing a thing. He made his own luck because he was ready. I think there is a lot to learn from Scott Foster, the very definition of a guy you’d like to have a beer with. Be ready when that call comes. You never know when you will have to sharpen your skates. 
Very truly yours,
Jimerson & Cobb Attorneys Recognized By Best Lawyers ® , Attorney At Law Magazine ® and Super Lawyers ®
Over the past month, Jimerson & Cobb attorneys have received an incredibly humbling series of honors and accolades. It started when Best Lawyers ® notified the firm that Christopher M. Cobb was selected for inclusion in the forthcoming 25th edition of The Best Lawyers in America © . Corporate Counsel magazine has called Best Lawyers ® "the most respected referral list of attorneys in practice." Lawyers are not required or allowed to pay a fee to be listed. Because of that, inclusion in Best Lawyers ® is considered a singular honor. Best Lawyers ® lists are compiled based on an exhaustive peer-review evaluation. For the 2019 edition of The Best Lawyers in America © , 7.8 million votes were analyzed, which resulted in almost 60,000 leading lawyers being included. Kudos to Chris for being one of those selected!

Less than two weeks later, the firm was notified that Attorney At Law Magazine ® awarded Charles B. Jimerson recognition as one of 8 Top Civil Litigators in Florida. Attorney at Law Magazine is a national B2B trade publication for and about private practice attorneys. The magazine focuses on the industry, its events, happenings and the professionals and firms that drive its success. This exposure is one more example of the firm's renowned prowess in the business litigation arena. A big attaboy to Charlie for leading the pack!

But that's not where it ended. Soon thereafter, the firm was notified that seven (7) of our attorneys were being recognized by Super Lawyers ® for 2018. Super Lawyers ® selects attorneys using a patented multi-phase selection process, where peer nominations and evaluation on 12 indicators of professional achievement are combined with independent research for each candidate. The selections are made on an annual, state-by-state basis with the objective of creating a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys that can be used as a resource for attorneys and consumers searching for legal counsel. We are proud to share that the following attorneys were selected:

  • Charles B. Jimerson - 2018 Super Lawyer
  • Christopher M. Cobb - 2018 Super Lawyer
  • James O. Birr, III - 2018 Super Lawyer
  • Adam B. Edgecombe - 2018 Rising Star
  • Austin B. Calhoun - 2018 Rising Star
  • Brandon C. Meadows - 2018 Rising Star

Congratulations to all for very well-deserved recognition!
Jimerson & Cobb Welcomes
Attorney William L. Anderson
At the beginning of this month we welcomed another Gator to the J&C family! Originally from Plant City, Attorney William L. Anderson moved to Jacksonville a couple of years ago with his wife (and fellow lawyer) Chelsea, to each grow their careers in Northeast Florida. " Jimerson & Cobb enjoys a great reputation in the Jacksonville legal community ," he remarked when asked why he chose to join the firm. " I wanted to take part in the firm's continued growth and reputation for excellence. " Will continued by sharing that he always begins his legal work with the end in mind; he never presumes the facts nor expects the expected; and follows a personal mantra to be present. He is definitely in good company at Jimerson & Cobb, both as a UF College of Law graduate and a legal practitioner who measures success through the results he achieves for clients.

Some fun facts about Will... when he's not flexing his "legal muscles" at work, he flexes his actual muscles at First Coast Cross Fit. After a productive day at work, he loves to spend time with friends, family and Ranger, their adopted Wheaton Terrior. And although he and Chelsea have only been in Northeast Florida since 2016, they've been steadily discovering the wide bounty of Jacksonville's breweries, which we agree are second to none. Prior to joining Jimerson & Cobb, Will practiced financial services law with McGuire Woods.

Vote Jimerson & Cobb, P.A. In The Florida Community Association Journal Readers' Choice Awards
Jimerson & Cobb has been nominated for the 2019 Florida Community Association Journal 's Readers Choice Awards. T he  FLCAJ  Readers’ Choice Awards are presented yearly to industry service providers chosen by popular vote through an online voting process. That's where you come in.

Please take a moment to click the "VOTE NOW!" link below and weigh in on your experience with the firm. Winners will be officially announced in our March 2019 issue. We hope, with your help, that Jimerson & Cobb is among those honored. Cast your vote today.
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Firm News
Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentricities of Firm Biz
Practice Pointers, Painting, Partaking And Practitioners At Pinot's Palette
On September 6th, Jimerson & Cobb held a panel discussion for in-house lawyers on eDiscovery and Digital Forensics. The knowledgeable team of speakers included our own Charlie Jimerson and Chris Cobb, as well as Hilary F. Keely, Esq. from Nemours , and Sean Mulholland of Mulholland Investigation . Following an extensive review of policy planning, the preservation process, and communication techniques, attendees were ready to whet their palates with wine, and wet their palettes with paint. "Wino Sasquatch" was the example painting selected from the Pinot's Palette painting library , which everyone attempted to emulate as closely as possible. Some did better than others, but without a doubt, everyone brought their A-game. And from soft to crisp, and sweet to dry, the wines provided a perfect counter balance to the range of creative abilities around each table. Salut!
J&C Lawyers Explain...

J&C Lawyers Explain... is the lighter side of current events, from a Jimerson & Cobb attorney's perspective. Each month, a different lawyer is spontaneously presented with a question about a relevant topic, for them to comment on completely off-the-cuff. Attorneys are not provided the question ahead of time, and the video is all shot in one take, without any edits. If you have a funny and timely question you'd like us to consider our lawyers answering on YouTube, email marketing@jimersoncobb.com .

This month's question was answered by Attorney Brandon C. Meadows : " Explain what you think of "Twitch" and why it could be game changing? " To view his humorous response on YouTube, click here .
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