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Out-preparing and out-working the competition on your path to success
As some of you may know, I graduated from the University of North Florida in 1995 , and played baseball there from 1991-1995. I am very proud of that university, both for what it has accomplished on and off the athletic fields. While I was a student-athlete at UNF, I was fortunate to play baseball play with some great players, even some that played in Major League Baseball.  

I recently attended the University of North Florida Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where two of its baseball teams were inducted into its Hall of Fame . While I was not on either of those teams, I ended up playing baseball with some of those guys, and looked up to many of them.

At the UNF Hall of Fame induction ceremony, players gave speeches, shed tears, and told stories about their experiences playing baseball in college. One of the players, now a successful businessman, father and coach, spoke about why those two UNF baseball teams were successful. It was not because they were the most talented, the fastest, or the strongest (some of these guys were not even recruited out of high school). Instead, it was because these players out-worked and out-prepared the teams they faced. The long hours of physical and mental preparation, as well as attention to detail, allowed those two teams, and the players on them, to perform at a very high level and even play in the college world series. For many of those same players, that work ethic has translated to successful business careers after baseball. 

As I listened to that Hall of Fame speech, it reminded me of the hours my teammates and I put on baseball diamond and in the batting cages at UNF, outworking the competition, and planning and preparing to be the best we could be.  Nearly 25 years after playing my last baseball game at UNF, that mantra of hard work, planning, preparing, and attention to detail is still part of my everyday routine at Jimerson Birr.  

While hard work, planning, preparing, and attention to detail do not guarantee success, they are things we all can control in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Regardless of the success rate, hard work, planning, preparing and attention to detail breeds confidence in yourself and confidence from others.    

JoAnne Eichelberger joins Jimerson Birr's Business Litigation and Appellate Law practice groups
We are pleased to announce that attorney JoAnne Eichelberger joined Jimerson Birr. JoAnne's focus is on business litigation, appellate law and construction law. She has been practicing law for nearly 25 years, with her longest tenure serving in federal court with Judge Howell W. Melton of the U.S. District for the Middle District of Florida.

When she started law school, JoAnne didn't originally plan to become an attorney. However, during her joint degree program in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology, she was challenged in new ways and loved learning about all aspects of the law. She was hooked and plotted a new course to success. Not long after graduating from law school, she moved to Jacksonville, worked at a local law firm, earned a judicial clerkship with Judge Howell, and the rest is history.

JoAnne's father and mother originally met while he was stationed on guard duty with the Marine Corps at the U.S. Embassy in Poland. She was born in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and was raised in Clearwater, Florida. Joanne has lived in Jacksonville since 1989 and has two 13-year old cats she loves dearly: Ruth and Naomi.

When JoAnne is not at Jimerson Birr or spending quiet time reading a good crime/mystery novel with Ruth and Naomi, she LOVES ballroom dancing and has been taking lessons for over 10 years. Interesting JoAnne fact: she's performed in several showcases and her wide dance repertoire includes Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Rumba, ChaCha, East Coast Swing, Bolero Mambo, Salsa, Hustel, Merengue, Samba, Bachata, West Coast Swing and Paso Doble.
Jimerson Birr wins the Florida Community Association Journal 2019 Readers Choice Award
During last Fall, you may remember our Community Association Law practice group requesting your survey input for the Florida Community Association Journal (FLCAJ). Because of all of you, we are excited to share some great news: Jimerson Birr was recognized this month with a Readers Choice Award, at the Gold Level!

So what does that mean? It means that you believe Jimerson Birr is a positive and productive contributor to the planned development industry of Florida. It means that you appreciate the hard work that each of our attorneys puts in to deliver results on your behalf. But most of all, this award recognizes our law firm as one of the best community association service providers in the State.

Thank you to everyone who casted their vote for Jimerson Birr. Click here to read our press release about this recognition.
Jimerson Birr Legal Blogs
Are you keeping up with the latest information in business and law? Jimerson Birr publishes weekly blog posts covering topics from construction law, business litigation, eminent domain law, community associations law and everything in between. Click here to subscribe today and stay up-to-date on the latest legal news from these areas:

Commercial Real Estate and Land Use Law Blog
W hat Does The Sign Say, Part II: Practical Solutions For Local Governments

Local governments across that state of Florida and the United States need defensible regulations to instruct business and property owners on what is acceptable and preferable in their communities. Understanding content neutrality, the definition of a sign, and inclusion of a severability clause or substitution clause can help in formulating defensible regulations.

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Can't Help Yourself: Self-help Eviction Under Florida Law And How Abandonment Is Presumed

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5 Ways For Commercial Landlords To Protect Themselves In Commercial Real Estate Leases

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Community Association Law Blog
Board Eligibility: Who Is Allowed To Run In Community Association Elections And Serve On The Board Of Directors?

Oftentimes, the eligibility requirements for serving on a condominium association’s board of directors is overlooked during election season. This oversight can become a headache for associations if someone is elected to the board who was not eligible in the first place. This post will discuss the limitations on who may serve on the board of directors for a condominium association.

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Florida Community Association Obligations To Repair Windows And Maintain Common Areas

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Paying For Emergency Repairs To Florida Condominiums

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Eminent Domain Law Blog
Do Tenants Get Compensated When The Government Takes Property By Eminent Domain?

When the government takes property from a land owner under eminent domain, it is given that the government must pay the owner for the value of the property taken. However, tenants and leaseholders of property are often unsure as to their rights to compensation. The reality is that owners of an interest less than title ownership, such as tenants, are also entitled to compensation from the government.

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Construction Law Blog
Contractor's Guide: Using The Construction Lien Law And Florida Statute 713.05 For Protection And A Full Recovery Of Debts

All contractors and subcontractors in Florida should know that a contractor and a subcontractor may each claim a lien for the same work on a particular project. However, the contractor and the subcontractor cannot both recover for the same work. The key is recovery, so read this blog to learn strategies for helping to ensure you receive all of the monies that are owed to you.

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Business Litigation Blog
Limiting Florida's Homestead Exemption: How To Collect On Homestead Property In Excess Of One-Half Acre

Evan Reid, JD Candidate

Our firm is often asked, what, if any, legal right in collection does an aggrieved victim have against a criminal defendant who was ordered to pay restitution in a preceding criminal action? In short, an aggrieved party that is either the state or named as a victim in a resulting criminal Restitution Order has an enforceable right to restitution identical to a judgment holder. 

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How Do Bad Faith Claims Work To Resolve Wrongful Denial Of Insurance Coverage On A Valid Policy in Florida?

By: Charles B. Jimerson, Esq. and Evan Reid, JD Candidate

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Protecting Bank Customer Privacy: What You Need To Know About Responding To A Subpoena For Financial Records

By: Charles B. Jimerson, Esq. and Evan Reid, JD Candidate

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How To Obtain Fair Value For Dissociated, Oppressed Or Redeemed Minority LLC Members In Florida

By: Charles B. Jimerson, Esq. and Evan Reid, JD Candidate

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Guide To Understanding Contract Reformation Under Florida Law

By: Charles B. Jimerson, Esq. and Evan Reid, JD Candidate

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Firm News
Curiosities, Ruminations and Various Eccentricities of Firm Biz
Hans Wahl Hosts Recent Board Of Directors Training For New Community Association Leaders In Northeast Florida

Each year, elections are held for the Board of Directors of Condominium Associations, Homeowners Associations and Community Associations across Florida. To meet their statutory requirement, new members of the Board may attend a 2 hour training held by a provider authorized by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Dozens of Board Members recently attended one of these authorized trainings in Jacksonville, which was led by Florida Bar Board-Certified Condominium and Planned Development Law attorney and Jimerson Birr Partner, Hans C. Wahl .

The topics that Hans discussed during the training covered community association operations, budgeting, fiscal management, and much more. Feedback from attendees of the seminar included an interest in participating in future seminars to help improve their association board governance, hurricane preparedness and how to use liens effectively. As a result, Jimerson Birr will be offering additional DBPR-authorized trainings during 2019... so keep your eyes out for re gistration information, which will be available in future editions of our newsletter.

For Board Members interested in learning more, email Hans or attend the upcoming Northeast Florida Community Associations Institute Annual Education & Expo Day at The Renaissance World Golf Village.
YLS Chili Cook-off Event Co-Chair Adam Edgecombe Helps Set Two Records

Jimerson Birr Associate Adam B. Edgecombe co-chaired the wildly successful Jacksonville Bar Association Young Lawyers Section Annual Charity Chili Cook-off, and recently helped present a check for over $18,000 to the event's charity beneficiary, Best Buddies North Florida . Thanks to the droves of attendees at this year's Cook-off, the donation set two records:

  1. the largest amount that YLS had raised than in any previous year; and
  2. the largest single source donation the non-profit Best Buddies had ever received.

The 2019 Cook-off raised $6,000 more than the 2018 Cook-off, and continued an annual trend over the past several years of beating each previous event's goal. If you didn't make it this year, we encourage you to come on out to the 2020 Cook-off, visit the Jimerson Birr "Chilionaires" team booth, and enjoy some good chili for a great cause.
Celebrating Fat Tuesday With A Beautiful View Of Jacksonville's Own "Big Easy"

During Jimerson Birr's recent after-hours party, attorneys and staff alike shared in the annual holiday festivities with a healthy helping of fun. The obligatory corn hole competition served as a timely lead-in to this month's March Madness, and was a little more challenging for the participants as they swung bean bags with one arm, all while grasping a refreshing, classic Pat O'Brien's style hurricane in the other hand. Between the Mardi Gras swag, flying bean bags, good cheer and fellowship, it went down as one of our most memorable firm socials of the new year.
Charlie "Hard Work-ah" Jimerson Ruling The Radio Airwaves

As we're sure you know, the value of hard work is tightly embraced by Jimerson Birr's attorneys and staff. It's a recurring theme exemplified in our firm's service to clients and espoused in everything we do, including this newsletter. One fun way that we share the message of how working hard is part and parcel to success, is on a radio show of a similar name: "Hard Work-ah."
Hard Work-ah is a morning call-in shown on WOKV 104.5 hosted by Pete "The Job Guy" Langlois. Our very own Charlie Jimerson has co-hosted several times, and as the show's title suggests, there is a lot of discussion about the benefits of hard work for achieving your goals and reaching your greatest potential. If you haven't tuned in before and missed Charlie's previous episodes, or are interested in hearing one again, click on the links below:

Also, if you are interested in hearing Charlie on the next episode of Hard Work-ah, tune your radio to 104.5FM at 8:00am this Sunday, March 31st or click here to stream it.
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