February 2019


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Empangeni is in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is approximately 157 kilometres north of Durban, in hilly countryside, overlooking a flat coastal plain and the east-coast harbour town of Richards Bay. A launch into this new area has developed over a few years . (Locations are waiting for trainings; the program is expanded as funds and resources allow.) Nineteen churches sent representatives. Neighboring villages such as Jozini village, Melmoth township, Mtunzini village, Pongola, Ulundi and Eshowe township were also invited. Because of the distance and poor transportation from those areas, many local families opened their homes so that these people could attend.

Four pastors came from Mozambique, DR Congo and Burundi, who have planted churches through their connection with the Oasis church in Empangeni. The Mozambican pastors have been connected to the R4L Mozambique coordinator, and the pastors from Congo and Burundi were given R4L Bibles to start the work in their countries. They indicated the need for French and Portuguese R4L translations, which Biblica says should be available soon.
Trainings are also taking place in other areas but this newsletter will focus just on testimonies from this one training, so that you can see what a widespread impact each training has.


Pastor Buthelezi and his wife Mama Buthelezi,from Zoe Christian Fellowship Church were the main hosts for the Empangeni training. Pastor Buthelezi is the chairman of the Empangeni Pastors Fraternal. He is an influential leader who is trusted and respected in the region. This training opened unanticipated doors to government and additional African countries.  
Pastor Buthelezi said, "A great friend of mine in Ladysmith told me about the R4L Program. I knew that our Regional pastors at Empangeni will jump at such a ministry tool. It has taken long to get the R4L team here but it's been worth the wait. The training skills of the facilitators was wonderful. This little Bible is carrying big news of salvation and day to day struggles of our youth. We have a big teen pregnancy problem in this area and drugs are destroying our children. That is why we reached out to the Department of Health to come see this intervention program. (See article below.) We have been allowed to service clinics and hospitals and start R4L groups. Our peer educators will get cards that allow them a free pass at any hour to run the R4L groups. Our schools are ready and the church youth groups are ready as well. To everyone behind this life changing program, we thank you and we pray that the Lord will open more doors for His word." 


Mr. Shangase (checkered suit) is a Deputy Minister of Health in KwaZulu-Natal who was invited to the training. He stated,  "We have many programs designed by government to educate our communities about HIV/AIDS, TB and teen pregnancy but I have never seen a program that goes beyond just information but caters for the souls as well. This training needs to be recognized in high government structures. It is a practical program which empowers the youth to be a part of the solution. As government we are fully behind such initiatives and as a believer myself I am glad to have come and witnessed the launch of the Reach4Life program. We would like to develop a relationship with this ministry because the need for transformation in our schools and prisons is great. Reach4Life is a needed tool for Africa."  


Pastor Patrick (white shirt) said
"A pastor friend told me about the training few months ago and I started saving to get here. I am pastor in Mozambique, near the borders of Swaziland and SA. I am taking this tool back home to work hard. We have great access to schools and many churches that we work with. That is why I brought my friend, a pastor from Democratic Republic of Congo. This tool is needed by every country in Africa. It's practical and anyone, as long as they are trained, can do a great job in their area. We want to take this program to our pastor friends in Mozambique, Swaziland, Congo and Burundi. This program must be done everywhere. The youth in Africa will be saved and mentored through this great tool, Reach4Life!"

These two young ladies are cleaners at the community hall that was hired for the R4L training. When they saw the R4L Bibles on the tables for the people who were coming, they asked if they could look at them. They left and 20 minutes later they returned with their bags and boss, asking to stay for the training. They attended all three days and both gave their lives to Christ. A local pastor will be following up with them. 
Thobile (Right) - "When I saw the 4 journeys especially the section on "Live" I was so taken and wanted to hear what was this all about. I did not know that the Bible covers such subjects like sex, money, losing a loved one, rape and so on...during the training I felt a desire to know Jesus, not just church but to know Jesus that they were talking about in the training. I can tell something amazing has happened to me, I am a new creation! Reach4Life is my first Bible and I will cherish it."

Lungile (Left) - "I woke up today to clean the hall because there was going to be a training from Johannesburg. They came in the hall, gave us a friendly greeting, and showed us the Bible R4L. I told my friend we need to be here. We told our boss and he allowed us to take few days off and attend the training. I gave my life to Christ because of the truth that was presented here today. I have 2 kids out of marriage and I did not know that God is thinking so highly of my life. It's not going to be easy but I am taking this new road which leads to eternal life. Thank you for coming to my village."


This is the R4L team from Madundube, a village near Stanger in the Durban area. Buyi and her husband, Pastor Dladla (left) came to a Reach4Life conference and then trained youth from three of their church branches to run the program. They had not been to a formal training so they were invited to come to Empangeni. 
Khethokuhle (red T-shirt) says:  "I come from a village, Kwadukuza, and there was a lot of clan wars in the village growing up. At age 13 most of the young boys in the village including me were trained to be "hit-men". We will be sent to different villages to attack certain people our chief wanted. One time at age 17 I went to church crusade that was in the village. I was feeling guilty and terrible about the many bad things we did. I had wanted to stop but was told I will be killed. That day I gave my life to the Lord. I threw away the gun and was threatened by our village leaders, but I trusted the Lord and they never bothered me again. I have since had a desire to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ but I did not know how. The Reach4Life training came at the right time in my life. I will be working in the high schools in my village and I testify about the grace of God that can save a boy like me. I believe many will come to Jesus; I appreciate being part of this family. Reach4Life has grown my faith and I want to help others grow as well."


We want to thank Highline Christian Church for donating a portable baptistry for use in Africa. It collapses down to the size of a large suitcase (12" x 25" x 31") and weighs only 30 lbs, making it easy to transport. Opened up, it measures 70" x 24" x 24" and can hold 200 gallons of water, which will accommodate individuals up to 6'5 and up to 300 lbs. It has a heavy-duty, coated vinyl liner which wraps around and snaps onto the frame. Previously a wading pool was being used, which was larger than needed, requiring more water where water is scarce. This will be a great help to the ministry!
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