Jo Daviess County Transit’s Response to COVID-19:

During these unprecedented times, JDCT is continuing to take several steps aimed at keeping our passengers, staff and communities safe.

At this time, we will continue to run our Galena Town Routes (Mid-day), Medicals and Dialysis runs.

As part of that process, JDCT’s fleet continues to be deep-cleaned and disinfected every four (4) hours. This activity is directed primarily at the bus interiors and would be considered above a “routine” level of cleaning.

JDCT encourages passengers to remain at home if their trip is not medically or otherwise essential. Passengers are also encouraged to follow the appropriate guidelines in regards to avoiding close physical contact and preventing the spread of germs by washing hands and practicing good hygiene.

Staff personnel are meeting daily to review updates regarding COVID-19 activity and to review information provided by IDOT and our local governmental agencies.

This continues to be a rapidly changing situation, and we will continue to provide periodic updates on JDCT’s Facebook page.

Thank you,

Jo Daviess County Transit,
Operated by The Workshop of Galena